Bumbo Baby Seat

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Ciarasmom - February 17

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has one of these baby seats and if they find them useful. I was going to purchase one but wanted some opinions first as they are pricy. Thanks


ssmith - February 17

I borrowed my sister in law's, and thought it was just okay. I don't think they are worth the money personally. My dd was quite restless in it because she was just sat there.... she couldn't reach any toys, or pick them up if they fell. I used it more for feeding when she was first on solids at 6 months because she seemed a bit cozier than in the big highchair. Personally, I don't really see what all the fuss is about....and I'm glad I didn't buy it.


aurorabunny - February 17

We love ours.


Rans - February 17

We love ours as well. Use it all the time and dd loves to sit in it. She can pick up her toys from beside her and if she drops them close to her she can pick those up too. I also use it for feeding. Like I said, we love it!


cae - February 17

I had never heard of them, and when I did my son was already close to walking, so it was too late. But, I would have purchased one if I had discovered them earlier.


mosley12 - February 17

love it!


EMBERBABY - February 17

Love it!


krnj - February 17

My son loved his but he wasn't in it for very long.


BriannasMummy - February 17

I love mine.. and so doesnt my dd. i really think that they promote proper posture. Ive talked to a lot of people that found that their child sat earlier and more proper because of their bumbo chair. Love it to pieces! ~Kristin~


scarlett - February 18

I have one, but I find that it's a bit too cramped for my 4-mth old son because the parts where the baby is supposed to put his legs, is a tad small(my baby has fleshy legs). It wasn't very comfortable for him at all because it restricts movement.


vonzo - February 18

I love mine and so does DD. She wont even sit in her bouncy chair anymore because its too reclined but she sits in her bumbo quite happy playing with her toys. It's really handy for feeding in too if they don't fit a high/feeding chair yet.


CyndiG - February 18

Next to my front carrier, it's my FAVORITE baby thing! I use it all the time! Especially when I'm in the kitchen. She sits on the counter and is content because she's right with me. Whether I'm cooking or washing dishes, whatever. Also when I'm doing laundry. She sits on the dryer right in front of me. I don't know what I would have done without it! Like Vonzo, I used my bouncy seat very little. Well worth the money!


Ciarasmom - February 18

Thanks for your input. I will most likely go and buy one now knowing that they are worth the money.


KLT - February 20

Got one and ds loved it at first...he was totally excited to sit up like a big boy. That novelty died out fast. It lasted a few weeks tops and now he's into his exersaucer - standing up like a big boy!


sophiasmom - February 20

I am with you KLT, I got one for dd and at the beginning she was happy but then she much prefer her exersaucer...the bumbo is compiling dust in the garage!


Kara H. - February 20

We love ours. I'm buying a second one to keep in the car. I use it at my Dr's office since the rooms are oo small a stroller. We also look Max to Smokey Bones last night and sat him in the Bumbo on the table instead of using a highchair. If he dropped a toy it went no further than the table and he could reach to pick it up. And of course he loved being the center of attention and I loved eating a meal with two hands an not balancing a bored baby on my knee the whole time.


Patti - February 20

Love it! I got mine at a BJ's Wholesale club (like Costco.) The sign said $32.99, but it rang up $23.10. I went back a month later and it was the same deal. I love the deal I got, but I'd have paid the $40 for it if I had too.



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