Bumbo Seat A Good Purchase

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eclectic66 - October 27

Anyone have the Bumbo seat?? I was thinking about buying one for my ds (13 weeks) now that he is wanting to sit up more than lie down. Is it worth buying or am I just wasting my money?? Let me know how ya like it or if ya don't. Thanks :-)


JerseyGirl - October 27

Have it, love it, would recommend it. It helps your l.o. sit up. At first, I thought $40 was pretty pricey, mainly b/c it seemed they could only use it until their legs got too chunky, but you can put them back in it once they've slimmed down from crawling. I also plan to use the seat to feed my 4-month-old when I start him on solids next week. I suggest not leaving your DS in it for more than like 10 minutes at a time though. AND! Don't put it anywhere except for the floor. Lots of stories about parents putting them on tables or raised surfaces and the baby falling out.


mlm056 - October 27

hi, I purchased one also for my ds, 4mths...my dr. recommended AGAINST it... said that it can hinder the development of thier back muscles and can actually slow down their ability to learn to sit on their own as it doesn't allow for the 'cause and effect' of tipping to one side etc. That being said, he also added that it could be used in very small doses -- hence my ds sits in it for no more than 5 mins a few times a day. I do use it to feed my son and it works well... In hindsight as much as my ds loves it, I wouldn't have purchased it b/c of dr. comments.


jen327 - October 27

I love mine. I used to prop my son up in my legs all the time (he is 12 now) with this son it is nice to sit with him at times, like dinner and stuff. As long as you only use it in moderation and not ALL the time, it is great!!


excited2bemama - October 27

I borrowed mine from a friend b/c I didn't want to spend 40 dollars for it. My lo loved it for about 2 weeks we did put it on the table and plop her in it while we ate-only when we are right there though b/c babies can fall out of them and fracture their skull. I am glad I only borrowed it though. not worth 40 for 2 weeks.


DDT - October 27

To me it was a waste of money just because my ds has chunky thighs and couldn't sit in it comfortably. He also didn't want to sit in it for too long before he started crying. It does scrunch them into a weird position a little. Hopefully my next baby appreciates it more. I only ever used it on the floor...never on the table even if I was right there. I used the bouncy chair & then high chair for solid introduction.


BriannasMummy - October 27

We have one.. and we love it. My dd is almost 11 months old and she still fits perfectly into it.... it works very well when feeding the baby.. and it actually helps and promotes the baby to sit. Ka__sidy was sitting up perfectly at 5 months old, and she never had any issues. At mealtime i put her in the bumbo chair to feed her. Its well worth the money and I would definatly recommend it. ~Kristin~


eclectic66 - October 28

Ty ladies...that is some food for thought.


docbytch - October 28

hey don't forget the recall that just happened!


eclectic66 - October 28

Yeah, I heard about that. Isn't the recall because they had to change the packaging to include a warning to NOT leave your baby unattended on a table or countertop or any surface other than the floor?? If so then I am not worried about that because I wouldnt do that...lol


hthab - October 28

We bought one, but returned it for a refund a few days later. Ds had chunky thighs, which made it a bit difficult to pull him out of it. He would sit in it for about a minute, but would get bored because there was nothing to do in it. If I gave him a toy, he would soon drop it, and couldn't pick it up again because his hands were too far from the ground. They sell a tray for it, but it's another $10 or so. I'd recommend it to someone with a non-chunky baby who is very easy going and doesn't mind sitting by himself for several minutes at a time.



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