Bumbo Seats Recall

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jendean00 - October 25

FYI: They are recalling a million of the bumbo seats due to infants falling out and causing head injuries. Check it out at 3 w's(dot) msnbc(dot) msn(dot) comand it is under there top stories.


aliciavr6 - October 25

They are just changing the packaging to say DO NOT PUT ON ELEVATED SURFACES... my dd can get out of it too, so I keep her on the floor.


ImpatientMommy - October 25

Yeah it's just people not using common sense. I've had my daughter sit in it on the table, but it's while we're sitting RIGHT there eating and we don't put her on the edge. Also she hasn't started to try and get out or anything yet, that's another thing you have to watch out for. Just supervise them when they're in it. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the same seat just different label.


suze42 - October 25

isnt it all common sense...Its like the bathtub rings...they are so hard to find and not recommended b/c idiots leave their babies unsupervised it them... But i LOVE them...they totally give you hands free and the kids are so much safer from falling in and bopping their heads ans such. Anyway...i keep my bumbo on the floor as it is.


DDT - October 25

Just want to add: My ds LOVES his bath tub ring. I bought it when he was 6 months old because he hated laying down in his infant tub, and I didn't want him sitting in the tub for fear of slippery accidents. I have read to stop using it when they reach 10 months old and will be doing this. He just loves being able to sit up and play with his toys, and I feel better not hovering over him with both hands in case he takes a tumble.


madison - October 25

DDT, i;ve been thinking about getting a bath tub ring, too. where did you get yours? i have to keep my arm in front of my dd because she leans forward to play wtih her toys. i'm afraid she's going to go face first in the water! we have her sitting up in her baby tub but the leaning forward scares me and i was thinking the ring would hold her better so she couldnt slip and go face forward.


DDT - October 25

madison: I bought it at Babies R Us (I live in Canada btw) and it cost about $35-40. It's made by Safety First. My ds also likes to lean forward. I can't imagine sitting there trying to hold him up the whole time. The ring I have is really nice because it attaches to the side of the bath and has a arm rest for parents. The ring also swivels around.


madison - October 26

i looked at our babies r us and they dont have them but i found it online. one question: how do you clean their diaper area in it? thanks!!


DDT - October 26

madison: You have access to be able to clean/wipe your lo's front. When I pick him up to take him out I give his bum a cleaning. One hand holding him the other wiping with a wash cloth.



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