Bump On Babys Bootie Butt Any Moms Experience This

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jodie - May 31

Hello! My son is 6 months and I just noticed a lump next to his little butt hole. It's red and about the size of a nickel. I took him to the doctor and they put him on antibiotics because they think it is an infection. Has anyone else experienced this? They said it was more than likely caused by a little diaper rash that was open and bacteria just snuck in. The poor little bugger has to take like 5 baking soda baths a day and medicine twice...which he actually likes thank god! Just wondering if anyone has experienced this! Thanks!


HannahBaby - May 31

My daughter got the same thing sort of. I changed her diaper one day and there was a silver dollar sized pool of blood. They said that she got a staph infection. They start out a little cut and then you have a pretty nasty infection on your hands. There is actually chemicals in the diapers that cause staph infections. She had to have the baths and take the medicine 2x daily.


Rabbits07 - May 31

My ds had a bad diaper rash that got infected during his first 1-2 weeks! The doctor mentioned culturing for staph if it didn't get better and I was so scared...then due to reading it on a thread on this board I ended up researching more about disposables and the chemicals in them and how they can actually cause staph. My ds kept a diaper rash, no matter how much I changed him and what kinds of creams I used, so I switched to cloth. I just didn't feel it was worth the risk of him getting staph (the fact that he was staying raw all the time made him more prone to infection.) Cloth is not for everyone, but I felt it was the best choice for us.


jodie - June 1

Thanks guys! I wonder if it could have come from changing his brand of diapers too. I went from swaddlers to huggies because pampers stop making swaddlers after size 2. Maybe I will switch back to pampers just to see. His little bump looks a little better. The redness is fading and it feels a little smaller. He goes in next week for a follow up...we'll see what happens.



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