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LisaB - June 8

My ds is all ove the crib when he sleeps but last night when I went in his room before bed his head was in the corner of his crib bumper. I am terrified of him smoothering during the night. Should the crib bumper come out? What do you ladies do? Anyone ever talk to their ped about this? Ds is almost 7 months. Thank you


Rabbits07 - June 8

I was always terrified of bumper pads and once baby really started moving around in the crib and getting into them I removed them. I would rather find a little red spot on their head where they slept against the rail as to find them not breathing.


LisaB - June 8

Do you think it would be ok to call my ped about this or would I be an annoying first time mom?


pbj - June 8

I agree to remove the bumper. I purchased a bumper at babies r us that is made of breathable mesh, it is SIDS approved. It is not the most attractive thing I've ever seen, but it works. I think it cost $20, and I think it was totally worth it.


Chelle - June 8

I personally use a bumper because my daughter always moves her head/face away from it. But I would take it out if I thought it would be a danger. If you would feel better if you called the ped, call them. I'm a first time mom also and I call my daughter's ped quite often with questions or concerns. Thats partly what you pay them for! They won't think you sound like an annoying first time mom, just a concered mom.


Rabbits07 - June 8

I think most peds welcome parent questions. I was asking our ped several questions at ds appt. the other day. After we finished our discussion he told me that he was always happy to see a parent asking questions as it meant they were looking out for their child's welfare.


YC - June 8

Always remember without you the dr wouldnt have a job so never hesitate to ask questions. We pay into our insurance every month as well co-pays and the works so dont ever feel bad. It's their job!!! Also Target has a safety bumper thing. I am looking for hte link so you can see it.


LisaB - June 8

I talked to the nurse at peds office and the only thing she could find on crib bumpers was to take them out when child can pull up to standing. I looked online and founf a site that says to remove padded crib bumpers to prevent sids, aren't they all padded? Kinda the point isn't it? I guess bumbers are coming out but first have to move the mattress down. I am afraid to make any changes as ds has finally slept thru the night three nights in a row.


olivesmom - June 8

Lisa--I had your exact situation!!! I took the bumpers out and then my dd would wake up in the middle of the night with her legs caught in the crib bars. I was worried to death that she would try to roll and break a limb. So--I bought the BREATHABLE BUMPERS from Babies-R-Us. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! They work so great! I do not know what I would do without them! I strongly suggest them!



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