Bumping Head

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krnj - January 27

My son is constantly bumping his head! He's climbing up everything & sometimes I can't catch him fast enough. I feel so bad when he falls & bumps his head! Anyone else have this problem?


jennyr - January 29

My dd is 13 months and she is always bumping her head. I can't stand it. Sometimes she just gets up like nothing but I freak out. I don't really think there is much we can do about but just try to limit the bumps I guess. I wish she would bump her arm or something other then her head.


aurorabunny - January 29

Ok just offering here so don't laugh at me---One Step Ahead has a special almost cloth looking helmet for babies that are always having this problem, LOL!! It is rather funny looking, I'm sure you'd have a chuckle looking at it but hey, if it's just you guys around the house and it's really a problem....I dunno lol


Shea - January 29

OMG, yes. This is driving me crazy. My son just turned 1 this month, but has been walking 3 months, and he is into everything - a little monkey! He is constantly bumping his head - sometimes I don't even see it happen- just see him rubbing his head. We have done about as much babyproofing as possible too - I even padded my hearth on the fireplace. But I can't pad walls, or the floor. I actually thought about that helmet from One Step Ahead, but he hates anything on his head (winter hats, etc) and I just think he would pull it off.


Rabbits07 - January 29

Our pedi had told me one time that babies skulls were really soft and therefore able to handle the constant "bumps" that they get because it kind of gives to pressure....of course, babies aren't that tall so when they fall they really aren't falling that far!. The hat probably wouldn't be a bad idea to minimize bumps and bruises. Mine always managed to fall and get a big purple knot on their forehead the day before I was going to take them to have their pics made...we were constantly rescheduling!


sahmof3 - January 29

lol Rabbits... mine always end up with an injury right before going to the ped for a check up. My daughter had scratches on her forehead, nose and chin from falling down the two steps from our kitchen to our garage right before her 2yo check up. It looked like someone had clawed her face. I was 1/2 afraid to take her to her 2 year check up appt.!


sahmof3 - January 29

The helmet thing could be a good idea for around the house. We don't have a coffee table or anything right now... our living room is very open. But, at my mom has a lot of furniture at her house that my kids always fall into. I think I need to get one of those helmet things for her house ;-)


ash2 - January 29

Rabbits that is reasuring to know....DS bumps his head constantly !



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