Burp Cloths

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Terio - September 20

Hi Everyone, I have a quick question. I received 4 or 5 burp cloths as a gift from a family member, and those are the only one's I've ever used (so obviously, I need more). But I haven't gotten any more, because when I go to Target, Wal-Mart, etc., I can't find what I would call burp cloths. They all look light and feel more like a thin facecloth..? The one's I got were super heavy and thick. Does that make sense? Does anyone know where I can find the more heavy-duty burp cloths? Thanks in advance. :-)


RLWilcox - September 20

Try cloth diapers, they are soo think and absorbent. My MIL got us a big pack of them for burp rags and I didn't want to use them but they work very well. Good luck.


DDT - September 20

I can get them at Sears. The only actual burp cloths I got were those given to me. I have about 3 of them. Using recieving blankets works just as well....I got TONS at my baby shower.


Terio - September 20

Thanks for the replies, you guys. And RLWilcox, I looked online, and I think what I'm using IS a diaper. She had sewn a little pink edge at the top and monogrammed it, but I think it was originally a diaper - how funny! And yes, they work VERY well, you're right. Ahh, mystery solved. (Can you tell I'm new at this.. I didn't even know I've been sticking diapers on my shoulders, lolol.) :-)


pregnantjackie - September 20

Yea cloth diapers are great burp cloths! The ones they make for burp cloths dont cut it...


eclectic66 - September 20

I just use cloth diapers as burp cloths and they work GREAT and are much much CHEAPER!!


c_baer19 - September 20

I have some cloth diapers that I use as burp cloths, I think they are Gerber, and they come with designs on them so they aren't just plain white cloth diapers. They work really well but I think they're actually a little TOO thick - I got some great ones at my baby shower that really soak up the spit up well, but unfortunately I have no idea where they came from!


wailing - September 22

I cut up some flannel recieving blankets. I got so many, I would never go thru them all, and in the summer it was too hot for flannel. They have cute patterns and are Super soft and absorbent too. But, I also use cloth diapers, or at Babies R Us they have the great heavy duty burp cloths (white)


Punkin - September 22

Target actually has some very nice and thick cloth diapers. I have decorated them with washable ribbon and had LO name embrodered on them, they are super cute too! I know they sell this kind on ebay too!



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