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mizliz - March 28

My little guy is three weeks, the problem is I can not get him to burp very well, and then he gets very gassy. Any tips on how to get a real good burp from him. I dont know what I'm doing wrong. I sit him up , hold his head and lean him foward a little and then pat him.


erin - March 28

try putting your hand where his belly is while you rub his back. that works for me...oooh wait...he's 3 weeks old so that would be difficult without his head in control....well, somehow get a little pressure on his belly while rubbing his back or patting gently. some people put their babies over their knees or over their shoulder. you can also do the bicycle motion with his legs to get some gas out. it will be difficult to get it all though!


Sarahsmommy - March 28

Try putting him up over you shouldar and also lie him across you lap. Does he have enough head control to put pressure on him tummy when he's sitting and pat his back, that works the best for my baby. You can also try gas drops, they are safe and usually help with gas.


krnj - March 28

Mizliz, I'm having the same problem with my son. He's a month old today! Sometimes I get burps out of him & other times nothing! Then when I don't get anything he usually spits up. I'm thinking about switching bottles.


pbj - March 28

I had the same problem with my dd when she was that age. What worked for me was placing her over my shoulder, I held her head with one hand and the other hand I placed on her bottom and gently pressed her against my chest so her tummy was tight against me then lightly pat her lower back. When I started doing this she started burping so loud, it was kind of funny. Your hand on their belly works well too, but I noticed sometimes it would cause her to spit up a bit too much. I find that trying to move them around as well...if one shoulder doesn't work switch to the other shoulder. When they're that young they don't move much so you kind of have to gently jostle them a bit. Good luck and hope it works.


dee23 - March 29

ive heard that baby ma__sage can help abit with gas. you could lie bubs on there back, then stretch out both there feet to touch there noses, then back down again a few times. also rubing there belly softly one hand after the other with the proper oil can help.


Bonnie - March 30

I swear tehre is an art to it, lol. I sit Mason up just like you said, but I will lean him back slightly and get him nice and straight and sitting up very tall. When he hunches over he won't burp. If that does not do it I will lean him way back and bring him forward again a couple times then burp again. If that does not work I put him on my shoulder and then repeat allt he steps......Also, you can buy the Mylicon drops and put in every bottle which will help reduce air. Make sure the nipple is the size. I had to up Mason's nipple to medium flow at 4 weeks! And that made a HUGE difference. Also, bottles make a big difference too. I originally used cheap evenflo bottles and then switched to Dr.Brown's. Pricey but well worth it.


psychology - March 30

when a bay drinks from a bottle is it supposed to make a little noise, like air coming out (in the bottle not the mouth) ??? Just wondering. I, too, have hard time to make her burp.


Gwenna-mom - March 30

I let my dd "settle" for a minute or two between feeding and burping. That way the little bubbles in her tummy come together and I get a much more productive burp.



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