Butt Chin

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ambertane - May 3

My baby's father has a butt chin. My baby is 4 months & doesn't have one. Could she still develop one/get one??? If it didn't develop before 5 or 6 months does that mean that she won't get one??? I'm really worried about this. I don't want my baby to develop/get a butt chin is their anyway that I can prevent this???


Steph - May 3

Not trying to be rude, but are you serious? Prevent a facial feature? There is nothing that you can do to change the looks of your child, which I don't understand why you would want to do anyways, b___t chin or not.


ambertane - May 3

I'm just really worried about it is all.


austinsmom - May 3

now by b___t chin I a__sume you mean a cleft in his chin......my husband has one as well and I think it is s_xy as all get out!!!!! But to answer your question all I can say is yes my husband has one and my baby has one as well .......when he was first born it was not evident but after he was 2 weeks or so his chin developed a rounding area with a little cleft in it and let me tell you it is cute as heck!!!! I cannot say for sure your baby will not develop this later but now my baby is 4 months as well and still has this cleft .....so I would think if your baby was gonna then you baby would already hava...... hope this helps.....


LisaB - May 3

My ds has one and its soooooooooo cute, I also have one as does my father, it is a dimple and its gentic. Its part of what makes my ds and won't change it for the world. If you baby doesn't have one by now she probably wont get it its rarer for females. But really prevent it???


nic nac - May 3

jeez!!! I have it, my parents have it and my dd has it. It looks very cute and I don't understand why you would want to try and prevent this. If she doesn't have it by now then she won't. So you don't have to worry.


HannahBaby - May 3

why dont you worry about what kinds of health problems run in the family.....that should take your mind off of a "b___t chin"


nic nac - May 3

ha ha. Hannahbaby your funny.


JMux - May 3

I have one and so does my dd. It was obvious at a pretty early age so if you can't see it now, she probably doesn't have one. If that is your biggest concern you have it very easy.


ChannY - May 3

prevent it?:S there's NOTHING you can do..wtf? b___t chin-dimple. i found it cute. my mum gots it, i got it and my daughter got it and on her cheek. its cute.i love it.


Tami - May 4

I don't think that you ladies should attack her for having a preference on what her daughter looks like! Yes, there is nothing she can do to prevent it, but she did have a question and she was wondering something! I am sorry ambertane that people were rude to you. There is nothing you can do to prevent it though and I am sure you will love your baby girl no matter what! :D


Ginny - May 4

This made me laugh! B___t chin! I've never heard it called that!


nic nac - May 4

Tami I wasn't attacking her but I found her presentation offensive. Yes we all are here for help but if comments come off as offensive then be prepared for other people's reactions good or bad. It's hard sometimes to understand the tone of emails that's why people have to expect some backlashing and deal with it if intentions aren't clear. If she didn't mean to offend anyone then she would say that. I know that when I post a topic, if it is a touchy subject I make sure to let others know that I am not being funny or judgemental.


ambertane - May 4



nic nac - May 4

that's ok ambertane.


HannahBaby - May 4

i actually believe ambertane, he sister seems to know better english and grammar


Ginny - May 4

he sister? Looks like BOTH the pot and the kettle are black.



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