Buying New Bottles Let Me Know Why You Like Your Bottles

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lacy - February 15

Since my baby has been here we've tried the cheap-o gerber bottles- which my BF like, and VenteAir- which I like except that it is such a pain to take the entire bottle apart and put it back together when DD is hungry. We tried Evenflo Comfi- similar to gerber cheapos, and Playtex Nurser (with bags), DD has trouble with those nipples sometimes. I've also had trouble w/nipples sealing over (b/c I put them in the dishwasher I think). Lastly, the gerber bottes have melted in the dishwasher! Please let me know what system you use, and WHY YOU LIKE IT! I wouldn't mind doing gerber b/c they ARE cheap, and my bf thinks they are great. Anywho- please let me know so I can run off to wal-mart! Thanks.


jls - February 15

I love parents choice. Their cheap and work good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lacy - February 15

I am kind of interested in trying the Avent since they supposedly prevent colic- can anyone vouch for this? I haven't seen Parent's Choice, but I may check those out. Thanks!!


SarahLuv - February 15

we use the avent bottles, but honestly, i dont know about it helping to prevent colic and gas. my little boys is still ga__sy. and occasionally, it leaks..but thats more human error than product. whats nice is that if you b___stfeed, its a nice transition, and everything in their line is interchangeable. its convenient.


Crissy - February 15

I use Avent. They are the only ones my baby liked the best, and I like them too. I have had no problem with them so far. As for preventing colic, not sure... my baby didn't have it. But love the bottles. :-)


nicci - February 15

i like playtex ventaire, the ones that have the big nipple. They are spendy but my little guy is ga__sy and this seems to help. They are a pain to clean, but its worth it to me.


Sian - February 15

I use Avent too. I dont really think they prevent colic because my son get gas something cronic! One thing I like about Avent bottles is how easy they are to clean because they are so wide


SonyaM - February 15

We used to use Avent (with our first son) but they leaked so bad and our new little guy didn't care for them. Now we use Dr. Brown's. They are supposed to prevent/ease colic, spit up, etc. I think they work great. My son loves them. They are a PAIN to clean, but worth it. They are also pretty expensive ( a three pack of 8 ounce bottles is $12.99).


Sian - February 15

SonyaM- I have actually noticed at lot of the time when I shake the bottle before I give it to my son a lot of milk spills out so I have to take the lid off and screw it back on again. Is that what your talking about?


SonyaM - February 15

With the Avent yes. It seemed like the cap wouldn't always screw on right. It was so frustrating. Sometimes, it would start leaking when it got tilted for the feeding and went everywhere.


SarahLuv - February 16

the same thing happens to our avents. we just have to rescrew the lid. i dont know exactly why it leaks, seeing as ive inspected the darn things and all the grooves look the same. but sometimes it leaks, sometimes it doesnt.


Lauren - February 16

When we bottle-feed our daughter, we use avent. We have tried Dr. Brown's, playtex, and some generic brand. The only one she will even halfway take is the avent. She has colic but she is b___stfed pretty much exclusively. Dr. said that is the best thing to do. I don't know if I would think any bottle would necessarily prevent colic. It may reduce the amount of gas however.


pbj - February 16

I use the playtex nurser and I love them. Did your baby ever bf? My dd won't eat from any other bottle I think because I did nurse for a few weeks...the playtex nurser is designed for babies who nurse, that may be why your child does not like them. But I sware there is way less gas with them. I tried Avent and the VentAire...her gas was so bad. Whatever bottle you try, try making them several hours before he/she eats so the air bubbles have time to makes a HUGE difference. Good Luck


S - February 16

I can use any bottle...for me it's finding the right nipple......nipple is EVERYTHING.....I buy the expensive ones and they seem to cut down on the amount of air she consumes.....


Grantsmom - February 16

I use the Playtex Nursers and love them. I like the fact that I don't have to scrub out a bottle if it sits with milk in it for to long, and you know it's clean with the sterile bag. I also like the nipples. they are very soft and pliable. I think that's why BF babies tend to like them.


Ca__sieSong - February 16

We use Avent. Started using them because I got a free one and it worked. We've used them ever since. Don't know if they prevent colic. Aria can still be pretty fussy at times, though she was never colicky.


MJM - February 17

I use Playtex Ventaire Natural Shape. My son loves them he rarley ever spits up and is never ga__sy. I dont really think they are that hard to clean. I like the fact that the top and bottom comes off of the bottle that way I know I am getting all the crud out of the edges. I used the same with my daughter and she also loved them. I tried the playtex nursers when my daughter was little and I thought they were a pain to get ready. Those were not for me. I never put my ds bottles in the dishwasher. I was them thoroughly and then rinse them off in a sink full of water with 1 cap full of bleach and set them to air dry. Bleach evaporates so they are sanitised and he gets no bleach. If you do this make sure that the bottle is completely air dried.



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