C Section Vs Vbac

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angelinakai - February 25

My DH and I want to have 4 kids. I had a c-section with number one. my question is should i try for a vbac next time or keep having c-sections. quite honestly, i really enjoyed having a c-section.. as weird as that sounds... and want another one. but how safe is it to keep having c-sections???


mommybabyboy21 - February 26

I would say try for a vbac...mostly because my friend had five c-sections and her last one was HER LAST ONE she went into labor at 35 weeks and the labor tore her insist ions and she bleed to death. From all the reading I have done...the most I would ever try for is three c-sections. And make sure that you are always DOUBLE STITCHED!!!!


tish212 - February 26

my hospital only allows csections after ur first csection due to risks of vbacs..I also enjoyed my csection I did go thru 36 hours of hard labor followed by an emergency csection...but honestly the csection was so quick and easy and recovery was quick too I got to lay in bed for 2 days w/o moving at all (not even to use the potty sorry I know tmi but after months of running to the potty every 5 minutes it was a nice break!) and then 3 more days in the hospital recovering and then slowly getting up and walking...it took me 7 days to feel better so I welcome the rest of my kids by csection and I too want 4 kids...I was scared that my dr wouldn't do 4 csections since I heard multiple ones r dangerous but when I asked him he explained that as long as ur healthy and the placenta attaches above the scar u can have as many as u like the most he's done on 1 patient was 9 so he said 4 is perfect. he said they check the placentas placement via u/s and if it attaches below or on the scar is when problems arise and they cant let u deliever like that b/c it could cause u to bleed to death...but I welcome my next csection because of how easy I found it... even if I had the choice I think I still wouldn't personally pick vbac because of the risks with it... I would just make sure the dr u pick has done several multiple csections so that u know they r aware of what needs to be watched for and how to handle any problems that arise other than that like I said my dr said its safe if ur healthy...gl


Erins Mom - February 26

Tish, I'm so glad your section was easy and recovery was wonderful, but the reality is there is a lot of women out there who have horrible recoveries. Angelinakai, it depends on what kind of incision you had with your c-section from what I understand, depending on that decides whether or not you can try, but most doctors, unless it was an emergency c-section do the kind that you can try for vbac next time. Best of luck, there are risks either way, but in my opinion, vbac is the lesser of the two as far as risks are concerned. Good luck!


sahmof3 - February 26

My first was an emergency c-section and my next two were scheduled c-sections. I didn't have the choice to VBAC (I mean, my OB does VBACs, but my condition would not allow for it), but that was fine with me because I went to 41 weeks, 6 days with my oldest and had to be induced and it was sheer 24 hour labor hell. My emergency c-section was a hard recovery, more because of the labor. My scheduled ones were pretty easy and I was up walking just a few hours later and was able to come home and do my housework, care for my kids, etc. Anyway, 3 had always been my limit and I had my tubes tied during the 3rd c-section, but my uterus was still in good shape and my doc would have given the go-ahead for more. But, there's just no way to know for sure how many you will be able to have until each is performed and they can see what shape your uterus is in. It's different for everyone. One person can have lots, another one will have their doctor tell them to stop at 2, so it's a hard question to answer.


amyh - February 26

I did a vbac- was pregnant again when my first was 11 months. It was only 3 hours long and about 4 pushes. I would DEFINITELY repeat it. And, what you should consider is how much you can actually do with your other children while you recover. Can you go a month without holding them much? There is no way that I could have done it. Plus, I didnt have extra help around. My first csection was also perfect...no problems and was really happy with it. Just a longer recovery time is the downfall.



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