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Nerdy Girl - January 18

I just wanted to reply to your comment in HannahBaby's post. Henry was 12 month on Nov 22nd, and here's all he can currently say: Mama, Ball, This, That. Our pediatrician did not seem too concerned, but I was. My daughter could say a lot of things at 12 months. She could also do all of the animal sounds (she would answer you if you asked her what a dog says, what a cat says, etc). Henry cannot do any of that. However, he clearly understands everything I say to him. If I ask him to pick a certain toy up, he does. Or if I ask him to come to me, he will walk over. When my nephew went thru this, my bro-in-law was told that there is a part of the brain that sometimes just develops later in some kids, particularly boys. My nephew seriously did not speak until he was almost 3! He understood everything, and he was on track developmentally with everything else. Then one day - BAM! He was talking like a regular 3 year old would talk. I think that I have convinced myself that if this is the case, then I am not going to get too freaked about it.


cae - January 19

Hi Nerdy Girl. I guess I will not worry so much either. It is hard not to compare when others his age who are speaking more words than he. Ethan has not gone to his 1 year check up, that will be week. So I will bring it up to the Ped, but I have a feeling he wont be too concerned at this point. LIke Henry, Ethan usually know what I am saying to him when I say simple things like. bye bye, ball, food, bottle. He only says dada, and is not even close to saying anything else right now. I practice with him often, but I do worry that maybe I am not reading to him enough. How often do you read to Henry, is it more or less than what you did with your daughter or the same?


Nerdy Girl - January 19

You've hit on something I feel very guilty about --- I do not read with Henry any where near the amount of time I used to read with Gracie. Now when I read to him, I am reading to both of them at the same time. And with one-on-one reading, you can talk with the child so much more. When I read to the two of them and ask something like "Where's the bear" my daughter will immediately point to the bear before Henry even has a chance to process my question in his mind. Part of why I think that Henry is not talking yet is because Gracie doesn't ever let him get a word in!


cae - January 19

Well, I too, feel like I should be reading to him more. That has got to be frustrating reading to both of your kids at the same time, and your daughter, obviously with her age, is at a higher level than your son, and probably does not have the patient to let Henry participate in reading time. I am not sure what I would do. Maybe take turns? One question for your daughter then the next one for your son. That is a toughy, and dont have much advice for yor situation, as I just have one child. Maybe others here can give some advice. Like, I said, I am not going to try to worry about it. Hope all goes well.


Bonnie - January 19

Wow, Mason doesn't do any of that either. he will say Mama, Dada, and Hi. But he will only say those things if we prompt it by saying several things first. No pointing or anything. Still can't sit up on his own, still can't pull up or walk. Yet, the kid can put squares and circles into shape sorters. It makes no sense, lol. 5 more days till he is one.



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