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alida - October 13

i've seen this site mentioned a couple times so I tried to check it out but it is really confusing. I don't know how to get to forums like this?? It seems hard to navigate. I saw a thread for stay at home moms but you had to apply and follow her rules???? I don't get it??? Maybe its just me? How sad...its Friday night and I'm home looking for more forums...I'm officially addicted! :)


Terio - October 13

Alida, I'm with ya! I have no idea how it works. I registered, but was expecting to see forums with topics.. kind of like this. But so far, I don't really understand the format. And I'm glad I'm the not the only one spending my Friday night looking at baby forums ~ wow, and I used to be a lot of fun too - life sure changes, huh, LOL!


chrissi79 - October 13

Cafemom is great, you just need to get used to it. At first i was totally thrown off it, but its super easy, and you can do so much on it! You have to register an account (free) of course, and then you search for groups and join. there are hundreds of groups!! Have a look, its a great site!


AshleyB - October 13

Yeah, Cafemom is awesome!! A large group of ladies including myself used to be on here, but there were some weird stalker people starting fights and stuff, so we all moved there as a big group, and it's great. There is a moderator for every group, and you have to join the groups you want to talk on, some you are accepted automatically, some it takes a day for you to be approved. The rules are basically for keeping things civil, it's not anything overbearing or anything. But you can post pictures, and videos, and all sorts of cool stuff. Kind of like myspace only better. Give it a try, it'll take some getting used to, it did me, but now I totally love it!!


CWeber - October 14

Well, I must be really blonde. I registered a while back and read it occasionally but for the life of me can't figure out how to post something! Give me a hint??!


krnj - October 14

I love Cafemom too! I met some really nice girls from my area. I really didn't have too many friends with kids so it's really nice. It does take a while to get used to it.


alida - October 15

I went on again last night and tried to find a post I had written a couple days ago and couldn't find it. There are sooo many groups and people on there I get confused. I did enjoy just reading all the posts in different groups though.


alida - October 18 the language...



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