Calling All Droolers

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miami_loca - July 8

At what age did your baby begin to drool everywhere? My son is 15 weeks and has started drooling and soaking his shirts. It seems like so much!


sahmof3 - July 8

What's 15 weeks? About 3-4 months? That sounds about right for drooling. I used to have to wear a bib on them everywhere...


melissa g. - July 8

my dd started drooling a LOT at 3 months and she's still going strong at 4 and 1/2. I dont mind the drool so much but it is giving her major drool rash, her fingers are always in her mouth and she just smears it around and its just a mess! I have tried barrier creams to no avail, she still has the rash. I am going to try Lansinoh cream per someone's suggestion. Does anyone have any other good tips to combat drool rash?


TCB - July 8

MY DS has been drooling pretty bad since 6 weeks. We have to keep a bib on him at all times.


jb - July 8

My dd has also been drooling since about 3 months. She doesn't get a rash, but her outfits are soaking wet.. You would think she was a kitchen faucet!! I have been putting a bib on her during the day and that seems to help. Now instead of shoving her dress in her mouth she shoves the bib in her mouth!


cae - July 8

My son started drooling around 3months and is still drooling at 51/2months, no teeth as of yet. I always try to keep a bib on him during the day, or otherwise, we will have to change his onsie X amount of times. He has developed a small rash under his chin from the drool, I just try my best to keep it as dry as possible by changing his bibs throughout the day.


kristie h - July 8

My son started to drool about 3 months and he is 1.5 and still drooling and chewing on his finger, hes not as bad as a infant but sumtimes soaks his shirts. I think they will do this till all there teeth are through.


Selena - July 8

I used a petroleum based cream I found at CVS for DD's chin when she started drooling alot. It was scented with lavendar and chamomile to help calm and it worked great. She never did get a rash adn I just made sure to apply a little at each diaper change.


krnj - July 8

My ds started at around 3 months. He's 4 months & still no tooth. Now he has diarrhea from swallowing too much saliva. Poor baby...


nic nac - July 8

drool city over here. No teeth yet but I have to use about 6 to 8 bibs a day!! At 4 months their saliva glands are more mature causing babies to drool excessively. That combined with teething makes it even crazier.


Mary - July 8

My dd started drooling at 2 months. Now at 3 months she's a mess! I can only imagine how much worse its going to get. I haven't gotten out the bibs for it yet but it's prolly going to be any day. I'm tired of going through so many outfits.


ca_pink - July 9

My DS started droolings this week and she's about 14/15 weeks.


austinsmom - July 11

I got some teeny faces....this is a stick made by gerber in a tube like an overgrown tube of chapstick......this works great for my lo on the rash clears it up and have'nt had one since.....4 months now.......


Narcissus - July 11

I placed a bib on my son when he would drool so much. It helped a lot.



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