Calling All Mommies With Newborns

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angelbebe - June 3

Just had my baby girl and jumping over to the Infant Care forum. Wondering how it's going with everyone's babies! How is everyone feeling? I am recovering from a c-section, but I could just lie around all day anyways and look at my daughter. I am so in awe!


Elle - June 3

Congratulations!! My dd is almost 11 weeks now and I'm still in awe of her! The time has pa__sed much too quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was in the 3rd Trimester forum and anxiously awaiting her birth. Hope you are recovering well and getting lots of rest. Enjoy every minute with your baby and again, congratulations!!


mama3 - June 3

Hi angelbebe I just had my little girl Kelly almost 4 wks ago. Things were going great, but about 4 days ago she started getting really fusy. Not sure if its her formula or if she is just wanting held all the time. Sadly I can't hold like that cause i do have 2 other girls who need me too. I decided not to BF incase she was Lactose Intolerant and she is,lol. But not sure if the soy is working for her now. Read your story sry to hear you had to have a c-section. I always feared about that happening to me due to the fact that my cervix is tilted down and is hard for my babs to drop. I sure do hope you are feeling ok. Thank you for asking about us. My Kelly has gained 1.3 lbs since birth. She eats well. I call her my hoss, lol. How is your baby doing. In july I'm going and having pic's done of all my girls. I can't wait to see what they look like all together. Best wishes to you on a gentle recovery.


SarahB - June 3

Congratulations my son was born 4 wks ago. It is amazing to think you carried them for 9 months and now they are little human beings. I was in awe for a long time. Mama3 I know how you feel with the fussiness we just switched ds formula because of extreme fussiness. It seems to be helping a little but I think he has colic because from 6 to 9 every night he has cranky time were he is inconsolable. Hopefully it isn't and it will pa__s soon,


^lucy^ - June 3

hi all,, i had my baby girl 19 days ago and we're so happy together.. im b___stfeeding her and were doing fine.. she's my first baby.. my only problem is that im so sleepy at night that i feel b___stfeeding is so difficult.. but during the day we're doing great... im so much in love with her!!


angelbebe - June 4

I am doing pretty well. It's very frustrating to be recovering from surgery though and all you want to do is get back to normal, lift things, play with the baby, etc...I just have to be so careful. My husband has been a great help though. My only concern that I have had is my baby girl is a very sleepy eater. She latches well, but getting her to eat more than 15 minutes at a time is a REAL challenge. She's only 5 days old and she is pooping and peeing, so I'm not too concerned...but I am trying like hell to get a fuller feeding in so she can get that good hind milk. I burp her when she starts to get sleepy to wake her up and then put her back on my b___st...but even with little strokes and what not to keep her awake, it is still hard. Any thoughts? I know they are sleepy the first week or so, but boy does she sleep!! Infact, the the past 4 nights she has slept 5-6 hours straight!! It's great for us! We are very well rested.


Alycia - June 4

angelbebe - You are incredibly lucky that your daughter is sleeping so much... I'm JEALOUS. My son wakes up every two hours on the clock. I'm glad b___stfeeding is going so well for you - my little guy is 26 days old, and I'm still in a lot of pain. I never thought I would hate bf so much.... I certainly hope it gets better soon!


tlew - June 4

Hey angelbebe I just had my son 2 weeks ago, also recovering from a c-section. Im finally starting to feel normal. Still a little sore but its very manageable. I am bf and so far things are going good. We are up about every 2 hours, hubby has been soo helpful. Its crazy that Im able to get more milk from a manual pump then the electric one. Anyone in the same boat or is it just me??


galvquodi - June 5

Tlew, Yes I am having the same exact experience with the electrical pump! I get more and faster with the manual (medela harmony)... SO much for spending over 300 bucks on the medela electric! Good luck with your recovery angelbebe. Enjoy your daughter, it's so incredible that we could produce such beautiful wonders, isn't it? I feel very powerful! lol



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