Calling Momma S Who Had Au Natural Births

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livdea - April 18

hey new momma's! I'm beginning my 3rd tri and was wanting to hear your experiences if you had a natural birth, either at home or in the hospital. By natural I mean no pain meds and as little interference as possible. I'm plannin on going as natural as I can in the hospital, no epidural, and I don't really want to be induced either. I'm wondering about pain, healing, during labor, after...just everything! So, can I hear your natural labor stories please?! Congrats to you all! And good luck continuing with baby!


livdea - April 18

I know this isn't an infant care question but I thought this was the best place to get my answers!


Lillie E - April 18

i had a pretty natural birth. i went in and was up all night thou, so they game me something in my iv that didn't really do anything but help me sleep (no help with pain) i went into labor naturally, i didn't have any kind of pain meds. i pushed for a good 2 hours and he finally came out. it was hard to find a position where he wanted to come down. it hurt, VERY bad. i didn't tear thou and i didn't have an episotomy or whatever. afterwards they had these ice diapers that were HEAVEN. i bled for 3 weeks after delivery and had my period at 6. you just feel swore for the entire 6 weeks it feels like, but you slowly get back into things. going to the bathroom stings like nothing else and you are so scared to poop. ice diapers thou saved me. i like they were like the biggest size baby diapers they have and they cut them open on one end, stuck a whole bunch of ice in it and taped it shut. it worked as a pad and kept everything cold down there. i'm glad i went natural, it was a good experience, but i think once for me is enough. next time i'll probably get something for the pain. GOOD LUCK!


TinaMarie - April 18

I did natural birth, no pain meds, no inducing. I started having contractions in the morning, went into the docs office about 4 pm, they sent me to the hospital. I was settled in the hospital by 5 pm, I gave birth to my daughter at 7:14 pm. Everyone, including my doc told me I was crazy for not getting an epidural. I just wanted to do it natural. We went home in the morning of the 2nd day. I felt great, I got home and made lunch for my I was lucky I had really no recovery time. I have a friend who had a baby a week before me and she was exhausted and always napping and having to have her feet up etc. I felt great, I was doing my normal chores the day after I was home. As far as pain from natural hurts, of course it does. But as soon as they put that beautiful baby in your arms, the pain magically fades....I wish you the best.


Aussie Beck - April 18

I had a completely natural birth. No induction, no pain meds, no forceps or vacuum, no episiotomy and no tearing that required st_tches. My water broke on it's own at 3am, and very mild cramping began at 4 am. My hubby and I just stayed at home all day where my contractions were coming approximately every 15 mins and were very bearable, I remained calm and just did what I would normally do, except that my waters leaked basically all day too, which is very normal. The contractions started to get stronger and closer together at around 5pm the same day, when I was basically hunched over on the floor breathing strongly during contractions. We left for the hospital at about 6.30pm when they were coming about every 3-4 minutes. The midwives knew I was in labour because I rang them, just so they knew to expect me. We got to the hospital at about 7 pm and this is when they were very painful and no position seemed to help ease them. They checked me and I was already 7 cm dialated. Hubby and I and the midwife were all in the birthing room where I could walk around, or lay down, or take a shower - basically do whatever I wanted. I have no idea how much time pa__sed before I felt the urge to push, it seemed very quick to me. Everytime I got a contraction I would push and it was almost like I was pushing the pain away. The pushing part was very tiring because our little girl got a bit stuck, so that was a long time, but each time I pushed, the pain eased and it was very bearable. I was on all fours for most of the pushing stage, but because she wasn't coming out very easily, I turned over and ended up pushing her out on my back with legs up. I finally felt the burning sensation they told me about and I just panted during that so my v____a would stretch out to reduce the risk of tearing. It was a very strange sensation when she was fully coming out, stinging and burning but very bearable because I knew she was almost here. She finally came out at 12.46am the next day, so I was pushing for a few hours but honestly I had no idea it was for so long. I only had a tiny little tear because she had her hand stuck beside her face and that was why she was so hard to push out. They didn't st_tch me because it stopped bleeding on it's own - I actually didn't even know it was there. The best way I can describe how i felt 'down there' is that it was like it was badly bruised and swollen. It hurt to sit down but it wasn't bad enough to have any painkillers. Within a few days, I could sit without pain and the swelling was pretty much all gone within a week. It didn't hurt to urinate or poop and my bleeding stopped at 6 weeks. I guess I am pretty lucky or maybe I have a high pain threshold because I wouldn't describe my labour and birth as 'excrutiating' or 'undescribable' like I had heard so may times. In all honesty, it wasn't as bad a I thought it was going to be! I was very certain during my pregnancy that I didn't want any pain meds or intervention unless it was an emergency, I think my positive att_tude towards this really helped. Good luck with your labour and birth, I hope you can have as natural a birth as possible without any problems!



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