Can Babies Get A Cold While On Antibiotics

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Danielle19 - March 4

jordans on day 8 of antibiotics for ear infections, and now hes got a real runny nose, and feels kinda warm, is it possible for them to still get sick even when there on meds already?



Yes. Antibiotics help bacterial infections and a cold is a virus not a bacterial infection. Sorry =-)


Smilefull - March 4

yeah, Emberbaby knows! I love the adverts that say they kill 99,9% of viruses---what the? Viruses aren't alive---how can they be killed?


Mommy_to_be - March 5

Smilefull- not that you really wanted an answer to that but ...they're made of proteins whose bonds can be denatured (broken) by heat/chemicals (such as the alcohol that is in the hand sanitizers)/etc. I think they say that on commercials bc it would take too long to describe all that c___p! But, yes, Danielle as Emberbaby says, it's possible! I feel bad for your little guy!


Lchan - March 5

Its very possible. Bacteria can either be gram-negative or gram-positive so the antibiotics that we use are dependant upon the type of bacterial infection. Its possible for your child to be on gram-positive meds and be attacked by gram-negative bacteria, which your child's meds would have no effect. Another reason (& of great concern to health officials) is that bacteria's lifecycle is very short. Thousands of generations pa__s during the course of treatment and bacteria can easily build a resistance to the med your child is taking. Its very common for an antibiotic to lose its effectiveness on the bacteria the longer your child is on the med....On a personal note, I hope your child is feeling better quickly.


Danielle19 - March 5

well hes coughing now so im pretty sure hes got a cold, he's never been sick before last month, now he had RSV, then an ear infection and now this, i don't even remember what hes like when he completly healthy, agh he must pick this stuff up at daycare



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