Can Baby Choke On Milk

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annabanana - February 1

My soon is almost three months and formula fed, just the other day I change the nipple on the bottle which gives a better flow for milk and as I was feeding him he started to cough up like crazy, I did not know what to do!! I sat him up and his face went red, Thank God he is okay, can he choke on milk? what do you do?


piratesmermaid - February 1

It was probably coming out of the bottle to fast. It happens to b___stfeeding babies too, if the milk comes down too fast. Just stop feeding him and help him calm down and get back in control.


jennyr - February 1

Yes they can choke on it. It may go down the wrong pipe of just that they take in to much to swallow at one time. What stage nipples are you using? My dd is on stage 2 and she is 1 years old. I still use the Dr Browns bottle because they just seem to work well with her. You can tell if they are ready for a change in the nipple when there checks get sucked in while they are drinking and it is taking them forever to finish a bottle. I would think that a three month old would be on stage one still.


mandee25 - February 2

My ds is 10 weeks old and last week I tried him on the stage 2 nipples but he spit up too much milk and I had to switch back to stage 1. It takes longer to feed him and he sometimes gets a little frustrated with the slow flow. I wish Playtex DropIns made a medium flow nipple. That would probably be perfect for him right now. My ds also chokes on his milk once in a while. I hate that!


KLT - February 2

mandee25 - we are using the stage 1 nipples with/for the vent air bottles. My son is 3.5 months...seems to be working really well for him. Not too fast, not too slow. But only the slim bottles, not those wider ones...for some reason the stage 1 nipples on the wide ones drip alot faster and he can only take it if I hold it smack center of his mouth.



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