Can T Afford Christmas Presents

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nearly broke :( - November 23

Hello ladies, I'm super broke right now trying to prepare for this baby and bills and everything else. Needless to say Christmas is going to be really tight and I was looking for some ideas about something I could get for my parents (first-time grandparents) and my bf's parents (also first-time grandparents)......any ideas?????


Shelly - November 23

When is your baby due??/ I think pictures and picture frames may be a nice gift,especially to first time grand parents.


Beth - November 23

They have really cute first year calenders at Walmart. they don't start with a month but come with month stickers so that you can start the calender w/ the first month of the baby. Then there is a ton of other stickers to record all the firsts. The top of the calender has a blank spot for a picture and hieght/weight measurements. Good Luck


nearly broke - November 23

my baby is due Feb 1, and I don't know if it's a boy or girl..


Lesley - November 23

Don't spend what you can't afford. I'm sure they will understand with you having a baby anyways. But if you must got them something then why not a bottle of wine or something? Thats all anyone is getting off me


Sarah - November 23

I also think a bottle of wine is a great gift-If they like wine. Also maybe try thrift store shopping. I always find great gifts there!


Toya - November 23

Go to Big Lots! Excellent prices!


d - November 23

Do they like coffee? I was thinking to give mine each a mug with a picture of them with the baby on it.


Jbear - November 23

What about baking something for them? You can make cookies or fudge and put it in a pretty tin for a gift.


Kathryn - November 24

Money is really tight for us also. We've made some really bad decisions in the past and now are making up for them. For gifts this year, I am going to take some picture of us as a family and some single shots of my son in a cute little christmas outfit with my digital camera. I'm then going to order prints from walgreens and put them in frames. I think pictures are priceless and they will be loved.


chelsey - November 24

Candles and holders? A cheap, yet beautiful gift!


Shelly - November 24

Since your baby is not born yet (thinking about the pictures idea) I think Jbears idea on baking something is great!!!!


Jamie - November 25

Have you got a sonogram picture of the baby's head? If so, you could make them a Baby's 'First' Christmas is directions: There are no(-) in the link, and there is an underscore between activity and 47.



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