Can T Figure Out Whats Wrong

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Wellis10 - February 27

My lo is 3 months....and i know that his probably going though a growth spourt but it's worring me.He has had problems having bowel movements. This started about a week and half ago. I called his ped and they told me to put a thermometer in his butt and turn it. I also was told to give him an oz of purne juice w/ Karyo srup as a softener. worked. After he went to the bathroom he seemed ok so I stopped given him the juice and srup.'s happening again. I was br___tfeeding until a month ago...but I was supplementing with formula. Now...all he does is eat and sleep...he doesn't seem happy anymore. He doesn't even want to play with his toys. When I put his toys infront of him he gets excited for about 5 minutes and then whins to go to sleep. He use to fall asleep any he wants to be placed on his tummy and in his bed to sleep or he fusses. I think his awake for about 20-30minutes after he eats, then there is alot of fussness and I put him down and his out for about 2-5 hours. Then he does it all over again. He cry has even changed to a more screaming or lond scwheel. Like his in pain. What is going on? Is this normal? His not running a temp.


Wellis10 - February 27



mosley12 - February 27

id call your doctor. or take him in to be looked at. maybe he has an ear infection or something


ash2 - February 27

Yeah , i would take him back to the doc, and tell him everything you told us !


SuzieQ - February 27

Something's definitely bothering him from the sounds of it - get him in for an appointment.


Emmie - February 27

could the formula be upsetting his stomach. Maybe you should talk to your doc about changing formula-maybe hes lactose intolerant or something.


Wellis10 - February 28

I wanted to call his ped. but I feel like I call them every week about something. I just unsure of what is normal. If I really think about it he has taking three bowel movements in the past 2 weeks. Which all of them I induced with something. I want him to go on his own.....that way I will know that he can go.


Wellis10 - February 28

Would an ear infection cause all of this?


KLC - February 28

sounds to me like he is screamin out in pain from a stomach pain type thing. Don't EVER feel bad about calling your pedi, I have been known to call mine as much as 4 times a day with a sick child, thats what they get paid the big bucks for. Three poos in two weeks is NOT normal. Please call the pedi right away - not trying to scare you but things can turn for the worst in a blink of an eye with such a young child. Good luck and let us know what the pedi says :)


Emily - February 28

As for the going to sleep anywhere thing, that will change. As he gets older he won't be able to sleepp just anyuwhere, or he will sleep better in his crib. As for the bm and his little temperment, have you tried switching bottles or formula? Maybe all formula is causing tummy problems or he is getting too much air when he takes a bottle? You can try that and see if it helps. It is a place to start. If that doens help, call your ped, his crying isn't normal, it sounds liek the liitle guy is uncomfortable.


Cabbie - February 28

My ds sounds a lot lke yours. When he was about 2 months, I started upping his formula as my b___st milk just wasn't producing enough to keep up. He got to where he was having bowel movements and was very uncomfortable and fussy. I called the pediatrican. He encouraged me to change from Similac Advance to Enfamil Gentlease. Within 48 hours ds was having regular bowel movements again and his fussiness went away. Talk to your dr about the different options.


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 28

I really feel for you - I know what it's like to watch your lo in pain and not be able to help...I find it slightly odd that your ped. should give you advice to turn the thermometer in his b___t to get him going - anywhere I've read this was one of those things that you should never do. It sounds like he's having to deal with stomach cramps, probably, my son has also had a few of those. What always seemed to help us was natural(!) chamomile tea - it eases the cramps and is a mild laxative. Your b___stmilk is definitely not the cause of the problem, as b___stfed babies' stools are always runnier than formula fed ones'. If he is eating nothing but formula and b___stmilk, I'd suspect the formula. Although you have to make sure that there is no other reason for him wanting to feed constantly (ie. comfort feeding). Good luck to you, hope your lo will be better soon!


Wellis10 - February 28

I have also noticed that his whinning not really crying.....I had him on his back to play with his playmat and he was whinning....kinda like his talking to his toys.....but then it turned into alittle cry so I flipped him over for tummy time and he burpped. I noticed that he has been doing that alot too....constant burpping. Big ones during feedings...and then after feedings if his whinning his taking in air as he whins. Seems like it's filling his tummy. then when I pick him up he burps again and again and again. Little ones. Also I took his temp. this morning and it was 98.9...he got alittle fussy so I took it again and it was 99.6 now I laid him down to for his nap and it's 98.7. Does his temp raise when his upset? I don't get that.


Wellis10 - February 28



mosley12 - February 28

i would think his temp would raise when he's upset. especially if he was crying alot. he's exerting alot of energy to cry..when you run or exercise, doesnt your temp rise? its almost the same for feeling bad about calling your dr, think about it this way, would you rather not call and have your baby get very sick or keep hurting, or would you rather b__w his phone up but your baby get the help he needs?


Mellissa - February 28

I could have sworn i posted a response on here earlier.. i hope i didn't post it on another thread!! **if you see a post about formula on another thread...sorry!*** lol. anyhow... i would think it's the formula wellis10. if it's the kind with iron, that could be causing constipation. also, like emmie said, he would be lactose intolerant. Would it possible for you to make an appointment to take him in instead of calling the dr? that way he can see your baby for himself?


Bonnie - February 28

I'm a little concern that the ped gave the advice of sticking the thermometer up there. Anyway, it could bne a number of things causing constipation, but I just wanted to mention this. If he gets constipated again and nothing is working and it seems to be causing him pain. First, call the ped for a better solution. Secondly, you can give him either the glycerine baby suppositories or the Fleet liquid ones (I think the liquid is a lot easier). They aren't habit forming, and while not fun to give, will at least get him cleared out and out of pain. My son suffers from chronic constipation so from time to time we have to do it. It will at least help get him going. But if he is constipated a lot, you need a better solution.



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