Can T Find Bumbo Seat Anywhere Anyone Used Another Brand -pg119422580381

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mommybabyboy21 - November 4

Ok I wanted to buy my lo the bumbo seat with tray but because of the recall I can't find them anywhere. Has anyone used any of the other brands and liked them as well I was looking into the prince lion heart bebePod but for $60 I really want to know its a good investment. Or if anyone can find the bumbo seat online and post a link that would be great thanks.


kim00 - November 4

I bought mine off ebay.


sfrog68 - November 4

I see them all the time on craigslist. They are used but if you don't mind try them.


Jamie - November 5

You probably can't find them new because they've been recalled, due to serious head injuries that can occur if the seat is placed anywhere but the floor.


excited2bemama - November 5

I think one step ahead has them- I got a catologue from them and it was listed there.


c_baer19 - November 5

Jamie they haven't been completely 'recalled' like that, they are all coming back out soon - just with new warning stickers for the idiots who place their children in them on high surfaces and leave them unattended! excited2bemama, they should be back out soon, but it does suck for those who want them now. I'm sorry! You might be able to find new ones on ebay.


TiffanyRae - November 5

My friend used the BeBe pod and she didnt' mind it. She thought it worked as well as the bumbo...But I think it is a little expensive. I would definitly try to find a used one. No matter what brand you use if your LO is a little chunky he/she won't be able to use it long....if they are on the lean side then they will be able to use it longer and the investment may be worth it.


Krissy25 - November 5

see if you can find a used one b/c the material they are made out of is very durable and most likely will only need to be wiped down. I found one for $10 and it's as good as new otherwise you have to pay about $40 for it new.


c_baer19 - November 7

Just wanted to let you know the bumbo seat is already back on the market. You can get it at and possibly other places, but that one for sure!


JessC531 - November 7

The bumbo is much better than the prince lion. It has a taller back for more support and is much easier to clean... Just my two cents. :)



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