Can T Find Childcare AHHH

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melissap - April 14

Is anyone else in Canada finding it hard to find childcare??? I live in a rural community and I have a job interview tommorow, not likely going to get the job but I started looking in town and only 1 daycare will take infants under 18 months. I have a 4 year old and a 5 month old and the 1 daycare that will take them in June is all the way across town a 25 minute drive. There is no one around here that I will leave my kids with I have tried as I used to work seasonally on a farm here and my inlaws used to help out but don't want to anymore. AHH have to vent.


Malica - April 14

June isn't too bad of a wait for many areas of Canada. In my area (with just shy of half a million people), it's extremely difficult to find infant day care at a centre with a waiting list shorter than a year. At 6 months pregnant I went around and put myself on some waiting lists. I asked if I was too early at one place and they said they had women coming straight from their first doctor's appointment where they first confirmed their pregnancy, and some still getting added to the list when they start trying to conceive. It's not a pretty situation at all!


melissap - April 16

For some reason I cannot read any of the posts on this thread so if I still can't I will thank everyone for responding. And hopefully I can after I post this.


pregnantjackie - April 23

Melissa try posting something in the paper to maybe have someone come to your house and take care of your lo's. I used to Nanny for a family in a rural area and I would some to them. Also, be sure to screen and interview them if you do and check references. GL!


lily10 - April 24

Maybe you could find someone who can care for your children in their home or your home instead of a center. I would think that with a waiting list that long that many people opt for a private daycare provider. Good Luck.


melissap - April 26

I would go the private route except our province has subsidized daycare in licenced daycares. This means that the government will pay up to $22 per day for infants and $20 per day for toddlers which is a great help. With the price of gas and having to drive so far for work and I don't make huge amounts of money, I don't think paying someone to come in will be a benift to go to work. I have always worked seasonally and used Unemployment Insurance in the winter to stay home with the kids which was great. Thanks for the responses. I think my father in law is going to take the baby and I found a daycare with a shorter list for my 4 year old. Also my dad is retiring next month and has offered to help.



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