Can T Get DD To Go Back To Sleep In Her Crib

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Mrs.Ireland - November 2

My dd sleeps in her crib from anywhere from 8-9 p.m. to 2:30 or 3 a.m. and it seems like anytime after 4 or 5 she doesn't want to go back to sleep in her crib, so I put her in her bouncy chair and she'll sleep for a couple of hours in there, BUT what happens when she grows out of her chair???? She is 3.5 months old. Any suggestions?


L1NDZ - November 2

Mrs. Ireland ~ I'm having the same issue, only it's my ds swing for the last 3-4 hours in the am!!! I found that he's too figety if I put him back in his crib...or he'll wake in an hour or so!! I hope someone has some ideas!!


kimberly - November 2

I wish I could follow the advice I am about to give, but consistancy is they key. You have to put her down in her crib everytime she sleeps and never lay her down anywhere else. If she cries let her for a while and then go in and try to sooth her and repeat until she falls asleep. Believe it or not it does work. I am doing this with my dd right now, but I can't make it very long when she is crying without going in there, but I make sure I always sooth her and then I leave the room again.


Happymommy - November 2

Hey, Kimberly is right as far as consistency goes. But when we are sleep deprived it is easier said that done. I really think just do what works as long as it is safe. Babies go through stages and by the time she grows out of her bouncy seat she will probably be in a whole new stage when it comes to sleep. So, I would say don't stress over it too much and don't over a___lyze it either. GL


catgiggles - November 2

I hope the letting them cry method works. My dh and I are battling this problem right now with our 8 month old. Only problem being he wont sleep in his crib period. My dh actually took off the past two nites one for us to rest for a day and then starting tonite we are going to start making him stay in his crib. It gives us 4 nites b4 dh has to go back to work and I have to do it on my own. I can't let him cry for very long so the plan is we are going to take shifts and I'm going to read a magazine in the truck while he takes his 20 mins shift haha silly I know but it is the only way that I wont go pick him up. He was a preemie and had extreme reflux plus has a swallow problem that could cause him to aspirate on his formula when he spit up so we had to hold him up on our shoulder for 45 mins after each feed and had to do this for several months. I think sorta this is what started the whole mess we are in hahaa..or maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse!


Punkin - November 5

This trick worked GREAT for my LO, he is still in a ba__sinet, but when he gets up we have a heating pad we put in his bed on low, then when it's time to put him back we take out the heating pad and turn it off, so he doesn't get that "cold shock" you get when you first climb into bed!



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