Can Temperments Change

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Hana - January 25

My ds is such a good and content baby and has been since day one. Yeah he's had his fair share of colic and feeding problems, but he's so easy and smiley all the time. Im just soooo worried he may flip come toddlerhood and he'll become a little terror lol So i was just wondering from those mums who've has other children whether or not temperment changes or stays consistent?


Rabbits07 - January 25

They can change...doesn't mean they will. Even the sweetest best dispositioned kids can sometimes be terrors during toddlerhood. It doesn't mean they will stay that way. Sometimes they save it for their tween-teen years like my girls Seriously though, usually their main temperament and personality stays pretty consistent, but they can have their days of terror.


EMBERBABY - January 25

NOOOOOOOO! Pleeeeez no Rabbits don't say that...LOL.I know kids will change when they become teenagers after all we all know what hormones do to even the most level-headed pregnant woman but I was hoping my dear sweet baby would remain sweet atleast till she turned 13 and thought she is GROWN. Oh well at least you give me hope with the "doesn't mean it will change". I know toddlers are a handfull but I am still hoping she won't turn into a little bad a$$. Hana, maybe our babies will stay happy and sweet lol.


sahmof3 - January 25

My 6 1/2 yo has pretty much had a fussy personality since day 1, my daughter an extremely sunny disposition and my youngest has stayed in between (although he's only 18 months, so we'll see). My daughter is now 3 and has her "moments" of horribleness LOL but overall the same sunny personality. My oldest son is still fussy, but old enough to be reasoned with now, so it has gotten slightly better.


Lisastar9 - January 25

My 1st born was on averagre a good baby,bright was able to communicate with me,he got his way lots w/Dad and still does. His preschool years were very tring for me to say the least. Since he tiurned 5 he is such a ggod kids we still have our moments but they are few and far bew=tween compared to his earier years. My 2nd ds showed nightmares as a baby and still wakes up frequently during the night. He also is such a giving child as well as the flipside agressive too. As for my las ds hwe is a happy baby lets his needs been known



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