Can U Recommend A Video Tv Show For 10 Month Old

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gurinsa - April 21

We have only ever shown her the Baby Einstein videos and she is getting bored with their format. I don't want her in front of the tv all day but 20-25 minutes would be a great break so I can take a shower!! We've tried sesame street but she only likes it when elmo's on..what are good shows for babies????


ImpatientMommy - April 21

Try The Backyardigans on Nick Jr. It seems as though ALL kids are in love with this show and Jo is one of them! She starts dancing and smiling and clapping when the theme song opening comes on.


drea - April 22

my daughter has always liked The Wiggles. she loves music so I think because they are singing and dancing all the time she loves it and still does at 19 months. You could also try Barney, even though its totally annoying, kids love it. I usually dont let my dd watch cartoons, just real people type shows. Hope this helps


ginger6363 - April 22

anything with music. My seven mo old loves her 25th Anniversary Sesame St. Sing-Along DVD.


kimberly - April 23

Veggie Tales was a favorite at my house.


docbytch - April 23

Studies have shown the Baby Einstein videos to actually have a deleterious effect on language development; the opposite of the claims made by the company. My personal recommendation...also based on study results.....keep the child away from TV in general...until about the age of 3. Reading books to a child as well as children themselves reading has been shown consistently to be the BEST thing for intellectual development. my soap box for now. Since you asked. Good luck


docbytch - April 23

I'm sorry. I really only responded to the t_tle of your post. My bad. You deserve a break!!!!!!! My boy does his jumperoo or exersaucer long enough for me to shower sometimes. Playpen with toys? Ummmmm....shower during naptime? I've done all of those. Good luck again.


eclectic66 - April 24

My little man LOVES Little Einsteins (he is a music baby so I am sure that is the appeal for him) also the Backyardigans and Wonderpets are great for babies)


wailing - April 25

Lo loves sesame street, barney, anything on Noggin network. I live in DC so don't know if u have it. Also, his fav is called Baby Genius. It's a sing along show. We have it On Demand on cable, but u can buy the video. It's great b/c it's all nursery songs and puppets


Bridget - April 25

Yes yes yes! The Laurie Berkner Band! It's a DVD with a group (2 women,one man) and they sing Laurie's songs. She used to be a daycare teacher and would make up songs to sing to her kids. Everyone told her she should record them and she did. My son watched this from about 9 months old (and was hypnotized at times, enabling me to cook dinner) and still watches it at 2.2 years old, even though he's now an Elmo fanatic. I got a DVD for my sister's daughter at 6 months old and she likes it just as much. The songs and visuals are fun, even for grown ups and they do sing Oh, Susannah too. The group is dressed very brightly, Laurie has VERY bouncy hair and there are kids in each song video which is one of the draws I think for our kids. Alas, Laurie went and had her own little one (Lucy) and so this is the only DVD she ever made though she does have a music cd or 2 out.


newbabyras - April 28

Ds loves Signing time, and he's starting to sign more now (13 mo). On airplane trips I take Finding Nemo and he LAUGHS so hard at the fish. PS I take him in to the bathroom with me when I shower...he plays with blocks and toys on the floor and i can watch him.


suze - April 29

my DS first lov ed Elmo (you can get DVD's of all Elmo) and like it or not the Teletubbies. I found both to be really appropro... and actually grew to like the tubbies..i have great memories of cooking dinner while he watched.


mommybabyboy21 - April 30

my son loves Noggin' and sing-along DVDs. IF you get the new disney DVDs on the menu you can select sing-along. His favorite is Jungle Book.


gurinsa - April 30

Thanks so much for all of your responses! I have tried many of your suggestions and it just seems like she is not interested in the tv overall! She will watch for a few minutes but would rather move around and see what I'm doing! Toys and books don't keep her in one place and I can't always wait until her naptime for showering because I have to go to work! I'll keep trying different shows - thanks again!!



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