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ash2 - January 19

An Upstate family is suing the popular Web site The family claims the operators of the site didn't do enough to protect their daughters from being s_xually assaulted. A Houston law firm is representing four families, including the one from the Upstate. Attorney Jason Itkin would not identify his Upstate clients, but said they live near Greenville. Itkin said the two sisters, ages 14 and 15, were lured to a hotel by 18- and 19-year-old men. He said those men drugged and raped the two girls and that the assaults happened in early 2006. Itkin said he expects the case to go to trial in about a year and half. He said his clients want to change its security policies. The lawsuit is also seeking money for medical bills and counseling. says it can't talk specifically about the lawsuit. The company released a statement saying, "MySpace serves as an industry leader on Internet safety and we take proactive measures to protect our members. We provide users with a range of tools to enable a safer online experience. Ultimately, Internet safety is a shared responsibility."


ash2 - January 19

Looks to me the parents were not doing their job as the " parents " ! Where were they when they were locked up in their bedroom talking to these men ? Where were they when their kids THAT YOUNG were going somewhere by theirselves ? ! Looks to me they are blaming someone else for their bad actions !


mommie2be - January 19

It sucks, but the mainstream way is to blame others. Most of the time people never see the three fingers pointing back at themselves. They're just after $$. I think myspace's Terms and Conditions alone will uphold in court. But then again, someone can break into your home, get injured and then sue you for the injury.


Ca__sJ - January 19

Thats so ridiculous! Thats like suing Mcdonalds for making you fat! How do a 14 and 15 year old drive to a hotel anyway? I couldn't drive till I was 16. I totally agree that that is on the parents!


ConnorsMommy - January 19

yeah, looks like bad parenting to me too.. i mean, my parents were never right behind my back when i was on the internet or going somewhere BUT they taught me good judgment. Why in the world did these girls think it was okay to meet two strange men at a hotel??? HELLO?!?!.. Sure it was wrong for those guys to lure teenage girls to them so they could drug and rape them (and they should be punished), but they're not the only ones to blame.


LisaB - January 19

Lawsuits without merit are my BIGGEST pet peeve. I'll try to contain myself here. Absolutely crazy why aren't the parents aware of who there kids are meeting and talking with online? Myspace makes it way to easy to find and track people down the parents should be sued for wasting everyones time with a useless lawsuit. Its like the lady who sued McDonalds for spilling hot coffe in her lap because they filled the cup to full you frickn moron you placed a hot cup of coffe between your legs and drove off what did you think the outcome would be??? Heres another one a lady sued a small furniture store because she tripped over a small child and injured herself- the kicker it was her OWN kid this woman won money for fall over her own kid!! Ok and again sueing McDonalds because the food makes their kids fat- wrong again you driving you kids to McDonalds daily and loading them up with Big Macs large fries and Cokes made your kids fat. Ok I'm annoyed now. Consumers end up paying for every single c___p lawsuit. While these people win large sums of money on legal technicalities. I hope the parents loss and take reponsiblity for their kids!


LisaB - January 19

Ok can you tll I'm a bit pa__sionate about this- sorry for all the typos. I'm going to bed must regroup hehe


sahmof3 - January 19

LisaB... agreed! Guess I could have been making a career of tripping over my kids all this time *shaking my head in disgust*.


Kara H. - January 20

Ya know, I was 14 and 15 once and I KNEW it was wrong and dangerous to meet ANYONE at a private location. I know they are kids, but its not like we are talking about a 6 yr old getting con'd by a perv who told them he lost his puppy and needed his/her help. We are talking about high school freshman here. People act like a 15 yr old isn't responsible or mature enough to understand this situations, but in three years time they have become mature enough to :vote, join the military, and go to jail for having s_x with someone 2 years younger than them. I agree the parents should have been watching closer, but the 14 and 15 yr old share some responsibility for getting themselves into that situation.


EricaG - January 20

WARNING LONG POST : I know what you mean LisaB, It bothers me so much that people can sue for things like this and people who really need to be brought to justice aren't. I tried to file a medical malpractice suit against my hospital but no lawyer would take the case because there wasn't enough money in it for them. 2 days after I had my baby I had to have gallbladder surgery and I went home the next day. The next day I was in the E.R. because I was having so much pain that I could hardly move. They told me that I had a UTI and was constipated and sent me home with a shot of demerol. I was back in 5 hours later in even more pain. The did a scan and found a blood clot in my lung and started focusing on that and not my abdominal pain. They admitted me to the hospital under my OBGYN's name and refused to call my surgeon. They let me lay in a hospital bed in so much pain that I could barely breathe, I couldn't lift my own feet, I couldn't hold my new baby girl, I couldn't speak. All someone had to do was touch the footboard of my bed and it sent me into spasms. I didn't eat for days and I spiked a fever of 103. My family thought I was going to die. They let me lay there for FOUR DAYS before they even bothered to call my surgeon. When my surgeon was finally called he had tests done and they found out that I had a leak in my bile duct. I had bile surrounding my organs (which is deadly if not found soon enough). I had to have another surgery and 2 other procedures to correct it. It was 6 days from the time I complained of pain at a post operative site to the time they did the surgery to correct it. There was other malpractice too, for example the nurses wouldn't give me pain meds at first because they said I had to feel if the embolism moved. I was later told that they were wrong. they should have been giving me pain meds so I could breathe easier and not get pneumonia. Also, when I was getting out of bed (very slowly because I was in so much pain) to go get a test done, one of the nurses said I wasn't moving fast enough and grabbed me and yanked me out of the bed. It about made me faint it was so painful. My 6 days there were the definition of pain and suffering, It was a million times worse than labor, and I did induced labor w/o pain meds and dozens of gallbadder attacks during my pregnancy. The lawyers wouldn't take the case because I healed fine and the insurance paid most of our expenses. Never mind the excrutiating pain I endured or the fact that I was hospitalized for the first 3 weeks of my baby's life. The fact that I didn't get to hold my baby girl for a week. The fact that I still go to counseling because of the emotional trauma. To think that nothing will ever be done to right the wrong that was done to me makes me so angry. And here are these people, suing someone else because they're lousy parents. I'm sorry something happened to these girls but they're holding the wrong people accountable. put those two men in jail, chastise your daughters for being so naive and just plain stupid, feel guilty for not being watchful enough over your precious daughters, but don't hold the wrong people accountable fot this. The fact that they were able to get a lawyer for this idiotic lawsuit and I wasn't able to just makes me so mad I want to cry



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