Can You Help Me With My 2 Month Old

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ry - May 25

Hi everyone! My 2 month old has never been on a schedule but lately our days have been more erratic than usual. She will nurse for 5-10 minutes then is done (every hour or hour and a half) instead of having a full "meal" or nursing session that use to take about 15-25 minutes. And she used to take nice long naps anywhere from 1.5-3 hours and now she just cat naps all day. 15 minute naps here and there. She has recently started going to bed between9:30 and 11:00 pm for the night and will sleep until about 3 then gets up again at 6 and is up for the day at 8. It is just hectic because it is almost impossible to get anything done now with her eating and sleeping so spontaneously. Is this just a phase? Is she too young to try to get on a schedule now and if not how do i even know where to begin? Thanks so much!


ry - May 25

I guess i should add that she is not easily amused. she wants to be carried around all day long. she will sit in her swing or bouncy chair for 5 minutes then starts crying and refused to lay on the floor with a blanket (she has the baby einstein mat and about 5 infant toys that go over head like the kick and drive gym etc). it is getting really hard!


Marlene - May 25

Hi my son is now 3 months old and went through this same phase. He is bottle feed so I was feeding him about every hour and for 3 days he had slept no more than 30mins at a time!! I was going crazy and unfornately never firgured out a way to put him on a schedule. Now he is fine and puts himself to bed around 8-9. I'm sorry I don't have anymore answers but I wanted to say that for my son it was a phase that last about 2 weeks then he was fine. I hope someone else can give you more help then I could.


jessb - May 25

My daughter was exactly the same at 2 months. I mean exactly the same sleeping schedule and everthing. Going back to work helped me get in a better schedule for her b/c I HAVE to be on a schedule myself. It will get better. 2 months is really young to have a set schedule anyway. Feed her when she's hungry and let her sleep when she's tired. In a few weeks she will be able to amuse herself a bit more. A little after 8 weeks my baby finally started to like her bouncy seat. I just kept trying it every few weeks and around 9 weeks all of a sudden she loved and would sit in it for 30-40 minutes. Does your baby like the swing? That was a lifesaver for me. IT was the ONLY thing she liked for the first 2 months. Now she can be entertained on her bouncy seat, on the activity mat, watching a baby eistien video (only for about 10 minutres), or just sitting on someones lap watching the world. And she is 15 weeks now. It will get better she is still really young. Wait a few weeks.


Kel - May 25

Hi ry, I also have a two month old (I think remember you from the 3rd trimester site too!) Anyway, my daughter isn't really on a schedule either, but there was a period of about a week where her days were horrible. Since the time she was born she would take nice long naps during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Then at about 5 weeks, it all changed. She went through a week of eating a couple of ounces here and there (she is formula feed) and then she would stay awake and when she would finally fall asleep she would wake up cause it was time to eat. I actually even took her to the doctor cause I was nervous as she was eating normally. It turned out to be just a bad week for her and she eventually got a little better. I will say she doesn't have a set schedule during the day, she does eat every 3 hours and that is about as set as we get during the day. Right now I just try to put her to bed and get her up each morning at the same time for some type of consistency. Like they mention I think it will be easier for me for a schedule when I return to work. My daughter usually goes to sleep between 9 and 10 right now (which I need to gradually get her to bed earlier for when I return to work) and then she wakes at 4:00 am and 8:00 am for the day. As for naps during the day, I take them when I can get them. Sometimes I get one nice long one and other days I get a couple of 30 minute ones. I will have to say she loves her swing and I can put her in that for a little while each day to entertain herself.


KLC - May 25

Hi Ry...I think I remember you from the 3rd trimester board we were due the same day 4/8/06 and I also looked at the myspace you put up on another post and we live in the same area. Wild huh? Anyway my ds is going throught the same thing. My mom says its a growth spurt though I don't remember my other children ever doing this. He goes to bed at about 11 and sleeps till about 2 and then he is up every hour to eat. During the day he naps sporadically but it seems like every time I try to nap he wakes up instantly. I am dying from sheer exhaustion. I'm sorry I don't have much imput or help but I just wanted you to know I'm right there with you on this one.


Heather F - May 25

RY - my baby sounds just like your baby and I am going out of my mind, between nursing so often, not sleeping, and the baby wanting to be held all day I am going out of my mind, it is so hard! I feel like your question is my own!! I was talking to some other moms about it and two recommended the book "Baby Wise"....I am reading it now and it looks like the solution, I highly recomend it, I cant wait to finish reading it so that I can implement the plan! Good luck!


Rabbits07 - May 26

ry, my ds is in the habit of not nursing much through the day, then in the evenings he wants to nurse constantly. our days aren't too bad as he loves his swing. i think the most difficult part of our day is around 4 pm because that is when i start trying to get supper ready and he wants to nurse---i've tried nursing him an hour or so before 4, but he still starts fussing at 4 to be fed. (i believe he can tell time;-) he likes his tummy-time, but i'm hesitant to put him in it unless i can set right there watching. the other day i had put him in tummy-time and my 11-year-old was there playing with him. Then she hollered at me that he had fell asleep. i went in there and he surely had---with his face straight down in his pooh mat. how in the world he could sleep like that i'll never know. he is also still waking twice in the night for feedings. we go to bed at around 10 and he gets up at 1 and 3. if i remember correctly as they get older it is easier to start getting them on a schedule...right now they just do what their little instincts and personality tells them to:-) oh, sorry about all the lower and any typos ds is nursing.


Sarahsmommy - May 26

Sarah decided I think about the same time to do the nurseing thing like you LO and it was driving me crazy. She said to feed you LO and then wait at least 3 hours or however long she was going before, before feeding her again. The first day or so will be hard but she will learn oh I have to eat then or I don't get anymore for a while. Also have you tried using a sling or front carrier around the house? This will keep her with you and may entertain her and you will still be able to get stuff done. Oh, also she may be going through a growth spurt try to make sure she's not before you do the nursing thing.


ry - May 26

Thanks you all for your advice. I have been pumping and giving her a bottle a few times a day, that way i know how much she will eat s and she will eat longer with the bottle. Hopefully we can get back to normal soon i just am concerned she is not getting enough hind milk.


ca_pink - May 26

hi - i have a 2 month old. she's been on a 2.5-3 hour schedule for the last month and started sleeping 7-8 hours at night (just this last week). she used to nap 1-2 hours and feed for 20 minutes. but, just this week... her naps and feeds have been whacky. i've read that it's common for babies during weeks 7-8 to go through a significant growth spurt where they may wake after 45 minutes into a nap hungry and that can go on for a week or so. i think it happens again around 16 weeks. good luck!


RB - May 26

hey ry: all i can say is - it WILL pa__s! my son went thru a lot of phases and was an angel in every aspect for one week and a nightmare the next - at two months, i started sleep training him and putting him on a schedule cuz that works for him - but may not for other babies and their moms... it all depends how you two work. as far as the feedings go, you'll have to nurse on demand for now, but i believe that with sleeping, there are things you can do to make your day less erratic... what time does she usually take her naps? i never realized how much of an impact naps have on a babies day and night sleeping overall... hopefully i can suggest something useful once we figure that out... i got a lot of my answers from this book called Healthy Sleep habits, happy child which seemed to really help us.. ttys



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