Can You Please Pray For My MIL

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Nini - February 16

You guys I'am so sorry to bug but it is 12:19a.m and I just can't sleep,i have already put the baby to sleep and I just need to vent alot.My mother in law had cancer exactly 5 yrs ago and they told her that it went away and so of course she was happy,she get checked yearly and all has been well for her.Well on dec 28th 2005 she found a lump where her cancer used to be(lymph node)and immediatly went to get it checked out,they contacted her on new years and told her that it came back.You guys I am so scared right now,I was alright for a minute but tonight my boyfriend told me that he wants to take her out before she goes into the hospital next week to receive chemo,she will be there for a month.They will treat it every two months with radiation and we all know how hard that is on the body ,and if she reacts to it well enough they will give her a major treatment meaning that they will check all her organs and if all is well they will give her radiation once a week,that sounds like it is too much but i'am no doctor.Guys we really would appreciate all of the prayers that we can get.I have never got to express to her how much i love her.My boyfriend and I are a inter racial couple and the first few years they made it very hard for me so I always kept to myself and don't talk very much around them.After my baby was born in july 05,I told myself to get over it so I bring the baby around on my own time when my boyfriend is at work,I go to her house so that she can get to know her 1st grand daughter.My MIL Is very young and damn JLO has nothing on her she is so beautiful and she holds down her house pays all the bills ,all the car notes on her own with no and days that is very hard.I love to see a woman that it sooooo strong!Ladies I don't let my boyfriend see me cry cause I dont want to bring him down.I'am so scared and crying my eyes out I just don't want anything to happen to her,I know that it is out of my hands but I'am a beliver and i believe in prayer and if you do I ask you to please pray for mil,her name is Maria...........thanks........... Nini


Barb - February 16

sooo sorry to hear that Nini. That stupid cancer is running wild in my family as well. I will keep your mil in my prayers and peace for you and your bf too.


Linneah - February 17

My prayers are with you too, Nini. It will be 6 years for my mom in October, so I know what you are going through. You and your boyfriend keep positive and pray and everything will be fine.


tiffani - February 17

Cancer sucks! It's a huge fear of mine because you can have it and not even know it. I will absolutely pray for Maria's health, and also for your's and your dh's strength to get through this. Stay strong, but don't be afraid to cry. It's a natural human emotion and sometimes you just need to let it out. God Bless you all. :o)


Nini - February 18

I just want to say thank you for your prayers!It means alot to me,when I was typing the message that night my key board was so wet beacuse of my tears.I honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart cause when I came back to see if anyone wrote there was only one person(thank you Barb)and that just made my day even worse.I felt like nobody cared enough to even read my post and that hurts even more.I'am so sorry for sounding like a baby but i'am so sensitive to people's health.For the 1st time today I told my dh how I felt about his mom,and how bad i felt and how much i really do love her.I explained that it is so good to know that people you have never met has said prayers for us.Sometimes people you know your whole life don't even care about you or what you go through.....thanks again and and gos bless you all


Nini - February 18

I'am sorry i meant god bless you all Linneah I will also pray for your mom.So glad to hear that it is gone and even better to know that it is 6 yrs gone.


Tia - February 18

I'm sorry you are so upset. I hope everything goes well with Maria. Wish you all the best.


Dawn C - February 18

Hope all is well with your family



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