Cant Stay Out Of Baby Shop

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Karen - November 19

Ok in the last two days I have spent over 300 dollars on items for Kodi. Clothes and toys (of which he has some from before he born and has not used yet) I cant help it. Everytime I see something soooo cute I have to get it and every educational toy in sight I have to get. I now drive another route to avoid the baby store.


Tami - November 19

Ha ha, that is how I am! I see something and I have to have it. Right now I am avoiding baby stores and sections of them, but I know Christmas is going to be bad! At least I can justify and say that some are for Christmas. The hard thing right now for me is that if I see something cute for Kailey I want to get it in 0-3 months which is what she is in. In fact they are still pretty big on her, but I know she will outgrow them eventually and need bigger clothes. I just want to dress her in the cute things RIGHT NOW! LOL, I am psycho I know. I just love my girl so much.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Baby stores are evil! I want to buy Lucas every toy and outfit I see. I really have to control myself too. It's hard. He is my first baby and it is so exciting!


Beth - November 19

I don't have a lot of baby things ( by choice) for my baby. Both clothes and toys, I just have the essentials. The way I look at it most things are just commercia, uneccessary and marketed to the public to seem like baby needs this stuff!!! I always think or the way I grew up!! No swings or exersaucers, etc. I don't buy a ton of outfits, he has white onsies and a few clothes for going out. Children ar fascinated by the simplest objects , they rather would play in a cardboard box than a fancy toy. It doesn't matter hether you hold up a bright colored household object in front of your baby or a $35 baby einstein super dooper educational toy, really!!! I am not putting you down for buying a lot of stuff, there is nothing wrong with that, it just unneccessary, but hard to resist!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Well, I know he doesn't NEED all this stuff,but it's fun and I want to dress him up cute and play cool toys with him. That is how I grew up. I'm so happy to finally have my little boy that I want to give him all the love and fun stuff in the world! And sometimes the bouncer, swing etc are my saviour, my kid is colicky and wants to be held all the time. My back and arms get a break while he swings and is happy from time to time.


New mom - November 19

I have the same problem tooo..i just went to buy grocery yesterday but i came back with toys and dresses..i'm spending too much on him and he is grownig so fast that can't wear them any more he never weared few at all


LOL - November 19

That must make u the best mom to buy your little one toys and clothes!! Get Real! You are making them spoiled and ungreatful!


T - November 19

Hmm to lol, I am sorry but I don't think it is possible to spoil a baby. If Karen or anyone else wants to buy their kids nice things then so what? They are only spoiled if they get everything they ever ask for and are never disciplined or taught about right and wrong among other things. Oh, and clothes? Children NEED clothes! I am not going to let my baby just wear onesies and a diaper all the time. I am sick of all the self righteous, rude people on this forum that think they can be rude to everyone else just becuase it is anonymous. So to LOL, you can just b___t out and leave everyone else alone who love thier kids enough to want to give them lots of things.


Sarah - November 19

I also have to control myself. My little girl is my first also and is colicky! So anything to help out my arms and back is great plus she's just soo cute!


Lissi - November 19

I'm having the same problem at the moment, because of all those cute little christmas outfits, they have in the shops. I have already bought a selection of cute Christmas clothes for Nadya, plus a santa hat, but I saw a little angel dress the other day, and boy it was hard to walk away! I WANT THEM ALL!


monica - November 19

I am the same way, everytime I go out I come back with something for baby...I cant help it... I want him to be dressed cute and be entertained.


momma - November 19

my daughters xmas list is a mile long i spend way too much time looking at all the toys and cloths for her. around here there are some cosignment shops specificly for baby things and maternity cloths (once upon a child)shopping there is sooo much fun i almost bought her a leather harley jcket with original tags on it for 6 or 7 $ i get too much when i go there at least part of her xmas present will come from there!


monica - November 19

awww we use to have a Once Upon a Child store around here...I use to love it but it shut down.


Karen - November 21

Glad I am not alone :) I had to make a "very necessary" trip to the baby store again. I went for one item and came out with 3 for him. Two toys and a suit. The lady told me that they are getting new stock in next week. I forgot all about Christmas. Bf is going to kill me. But its my first baby and I see nothing wrong. Oh yea I think it is impossible to spoil a 3 month old.


Jadyns Mommy - November 21

I may as well confess too... I cant stop buying stuff. She isnt really interested in toys, she much rather pull my nose and hair and play peek a boo but the clothes, Im hopeless. She has more shoes than even I do but I have been good about buying a size bigger so they fit longer but as of right now, she has 2 Thanksgiving outfits and 3 Christmas dresses, I just cant figure out which ones she is really going to wear!


Lesley - November 21

When I had my 1st baby I would buy clothes and toys ll the time. Only he didn't get to wear half the stuff and they were sent to charity shops with tags still on them. I learnt my lesson and with my youngets 2 I have only bought the things we need. My baby only has about 6-7 outfits. He has grown so much these 2 weeks and most of the stuff I got was new-born so is now too small. I am going to have to go shopping again for more clothes, but I'm gonna wait untill I do the christmas shop. I will get tons then, from 3-6 to 9-12. I have a feeling he is going to grow rather fast


Heidi - November 21

Well I got the Walmart Black Friday flyer and even though Emma's only 6 wks old, I already want to buy her every Fisher Price toy that's in there and on line!!! I love the dinosaur deal and the hippopotamus riding thing that gulps up cubes but of course she's too little but I can see myself buying them anyway. I also saw on Walmart's website they have a Radio Flyer riding horse for 6 mo and older but only available on line. I wonder why they're not in the stores? It's so cute! I have a zebra one for her I got at a rummage sale that's soft like a stuffed animal. I just can't wait till she's big enough to play with all this stuff! Probably cus I wanna play with it just as bad. Ha ha!



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