Car Accident Change Car Seat

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Hana - January 26

Hi ladies, this evening some idiot hit my car from the back as i was stationary at a traffic light (dumba**) and although i was shaken from the impact, my ds slept right through it lol Now the manual on the car seat says to change the car seat after an accident, but this impact wasn't that powerful..should i still change it or leave it? (it looks 100% fine)


piratesmermaid - January 26

If you can, I'd change it. Better to be safe than sorry.


lexa - January 26

I agree with piratesmermaid. They say after any car accident, you should replace the carseat. That's up to you though. Was it just a "fender bender" type of impact? If it was, then I wouldn't worry too much (I know I'll get slammed for that:-( Is a car seat or infant carrier?


Mingill - January 26

to be on the safeside, I'd change it. You never know, and although it looks fine can you be 100% sure that it is? We were hit when I was 34 weeks pg, we didn't have the carseat in yet, but I was told that the insurance company would have paid to replace it. If yours won't, can you go after the guy who hit you?


mcatherine - January 26

Someone rearended my husband before Thanksgiving and they replaced the car seat that was in the car - even though the baby wasn't in the car with him. It was more than a fender bender and the baby wasn't with him, but we were still told to replace it.


torbman - January 26

Glad your ok. I would change it. I think it also has something to do with insurance. Even though you are not going through your insurance. I would give the bill to the idiot that hit you.


HannahBaby - January 26

My husband is a cop and he said that even when its a SMALL fender bender they call the local fire company and they come with a replacement seat (if the car is able to drive away) so that the parents dont have to even drive home with a car seat that has been in an accident. I wouldent take a chance.


Nicole1 - January 26

Hana I don't know what Brand of carseat you have but if it is a Britax they replace it for free if you have been in a car accident. My sister had both her kids in the car and they sent her 2 carseats....good luck.


Kara H. - January 26

The other person's insurance is responsible for replacing the car seat. I was told if there is visible damage, the car seat needs to be replaced. If it was an impact that did not harm the bumper, than the car seat is fine. If I had to change my car seat everytime I bumped a bumper on our rubbermaid mailbox backing out of my drive, I would be in the poor house



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