Car Seat Dilemma

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Babygirls1st - October 31

My baby is almost 8 weeks old and absolutely hates the carseat. I can't go anywhere without him screaming at the top of his lungs. It makes it hard to go places..and it stresses me out. Anyone else going thru the same thing or have any suggestions on getting thru this?


Jadyns Mommy - October 31

I bought some link-a-doos to hang from the car seat handle that Jadyn could play with as well as some other hanging toys. And I also installed a mirror in my car that has flashing lights and plays music by remote so when we are driving in the car, she is entertained as well but I can also see her through my rearview mirror as well so it worked great for both of us. Hope any of these help :-)


kr - October 31

Have you tried taking the seat inside and letting him get comfortable in the house? Can you schedule to go out when he is napping (in the car seat)?


Angela - October 31

what car seat do you have?


Kathryn - October 31

Nathan is the same way. Just tonight he was crying so hard that he vomited all over. He has no problem sitting in it when we are sitting at home, but the second I put it in the car he screams. I usually sit in the back seat with him while my husband drives.


Babygirls1st - November 1

Angela..I have a graco carseat... He sits in his carseat at home for a couple of minutes b4 he starts getting fussy....I am gonna try hanging some toys up maybe the mirror thing will work too...thanks all..


Tanya - November 1

OMG - my 3 month old SCREAMS bloody murder the minute he gets fastened into the car seat...I checked for the possibility of anythig poking him, or the straps in case they were too tight and there was nothing wrong - I think some are just busy and do not like to be strapped in! My little guy stops as soon as I pick up the carrier and there is movement to take his mind off of it!


Dawn - November 1

WOW! I guess I was blessed. My lil guy crashes out as soon as he gets in his seat. He is 2 1/2 wks old. I was scared because last week we had a 1 hr trip in the car BUT he slept the whole way. I am blessed in that sence. I am sure when he is toddler size he will be holy hell in the seat!!!!!!


Heidi - November 1

My three week old daughter pa__ses out the minute she's in one and we've went on 4-5 hour outings with her already and she hasn't woke up once till we get home and I take her out! We're talking going through stores and noise and parking ramps! I don't know how she sleeps through it all.


KFish - November 1

are you sure your baby is not ga__sy? Gas bubbles my cause the screaming.


Tanya - November 1

Just to clarify, he stops screaming once we get going - now if they scream the whole time, then I would imagine that there is something bugging him/her!



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