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monica - October 28

just found out yesterday the the infant car seat is only for up to 26" in height my son is over 25" I had no idea... it was not like this before. What kind of car seat will everyone be buying next?


Tired - October 28

I am looking for a booster seat or something. I just haven't had the energy to do one of those exhaustive internet searches yet. Hoping someone here has and can provide some links.


jena - October 28

Britax car seats are pricy but they always have great reviews and are among the safest car seats available.


BBK ® © - October 28

Really? Which one do you have? Our babies are the same size so we'll have to look for one soon too if that's the case.


monica - October 28

I have an evenflow it says right on the chair the max. inches is 26. From what I hear its something new because my first son used his for a whole year. I love Calebs car seat too and he does too. He sleeps very well in it.....


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 28

I will for sure be getting a Britax carseat. I am not sure just yet which one, it is a debate between the Roundabout, Marathon and Decathalon. It will probably be the Marathon, they have great patterns and have the highest safety standards. She will be able to use it until she is 65 lbs (by the way she is growing I give her uhhhh about 3 months lol) They are a little pricey but from what I have read it is very well worth it. The only draw back is dh has a Honda Civic and I am not sure if it will fit rear facing in the back seat of his car, we will have to try it out. take out any dashes, but go take a look at them, they have so many covers for the carseat it is unbelievable, and by the way, I saw the roundabout in Baby Depot the other day and the cover on it was soooooo soft! This will for sure be our next car seat. (by the way I like Ashley Floral and Cowmooflage Covers!)


BBK ® © - October 28

Seems like that's the limit with Graco and Peg Perego. (26 in or 20lbs) I guess when we have to change Anna's (as soon as she grows 1.2 more inches) we'll go with a convertible. Who knew they'd be so tall so quickly :-)


Kerry - October 28

I have a Eddie Bauer infant seat and the limit is 72 cm so she's ready for a change too I have a Evenflo seat for her next but it still has to go rear facing till she's 22lbs AND 1 year old new law this year It use to be one or the other but now they have to be 1 year old and 22lbs .They are really enforcing this where I live pulling people over and checking.


mimi - October 28

Hi monica, I just bought this Cosco Alpha Omega Elite car seat, it has 3 function, rear facing, forward facing and as a booster. It will fit for baby/toddler 5-100 lbs, and max height is 52". I haven't tried it yet, but soon will be since my son has outgrow his infant seat.I like this car seat because I can use it for a long period of time.


mommy of 2 - October 28

oh boy my 5 week old is already 24 inches tall! but he scrunches down in his seat,its funny because he looks like yoda!


monica - October 28

well just got back from the doctors and caleb has a cold :( and he is 25" so I guess I better start looking for a new car seat....


momma - October 28

i have the safty first enspira it was given to me as a gift i dont really like it facing backwards and the clips by the leg strap can pinch if you arent super careful. but it will make a great booster set when my daughter can sit forward facing those of you that are able to use the infant seats unil your baby is 6 months are lucky i had to swich her at 4 months. and now when i am in the pa__sanger seat (of a small 4 door car) i have no leg room



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