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bchflwr - February 5

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Misch__ly what part of Cali? I lived in San Pedro when I was younger. Steph and Jwhite, are your los feeling any better? One of Hunter's top teeth is slowly making its way. I can see a little white spot on his gums where it is coming in. Also he kind of started crawling over the weekend. It is kind of a half crawl, half drag his legs but he is getting there. It is so funny to watch, but he gets so frustrated. Dh had to work last night, so I got to watch a What not to Wear marathon istead of the Super Bowl!!! JWhite, for laundry detergent we use All free and clear. It does not have any dyes or enzymes. Our ped. recommended it because Hunter has such sensitive skin. Regina, how was your superbowl party? Hope you got everything in order for it in time!


Regina - February 5

Happy Monday, everyone! We had a great weekend! Lynn went to her first bday party on Saturday for a friend of ours. We then had to brave walmart for grocery shopping, which was not a highlight of the weekend. On Sunday, our party was a lot of fun. Lynn did great! It is amazing how smiley she is. She had to take a nap in the middle of it, but she didn't fight me at all (and she often does when people are over b/c she doesn't want to miss anything). Green beans were a success! Leah, I'm jealous of Hunter's crawl! I thought for sure Lynn would be there by now, but she still really isn't, not even Hunter's way, which is too funny!


jwhite - February 5

Hey ladies do you think if I switched my baby to a different babysitter it will effect her in anyway?? She is 6 months old.


Steph - February 5

Hey ladies, I've got just a minute to let you guys know what's going on with Trevor...Last night his temp under the arm was 103.6 and he slept horribly and couldn't breathe well and was coughing tons. So this morning I took him to his ped and he was diagnosed with a double ear infection along with a fairly severe case of RSV. He's still awfully lethargic, and today after he gets his 3pm breathing treatment and Tylenol (if he's not doing better), we're supposed to take him to the hospital. I'll try and post later....Glad you guys had a good weekend! :o)


ash2 - February 5

Hey ladies, i know im not a part of the " career moms " club, lol but i just have a any of you feel overwhelmed with the everyday activivties that you have with the children and work ? I dont get home in bed untill around midnight or later and by morning im like a zombie ! My oldest wants me to play games with him so much and i feel like if i say no than i am being a bad mother to him. I do play with him while DS ( youngest ) is asleep, and today we drew, and played cops and robbers, and i read to him, but after that, i felt like i needed to get the house cleaned, and i just get really tired and bored with entertaining all day. am i a bad mother for feeling this way ?? I dont go into work untill 3pm, so i am with them from 7am untill 2:30, and i feel so exausted by the time work comes....i have also been getting so irratable with him lately i just dont know what is wrong. He is 4 years old, and i feel like i dont have as much patience as i used too....


bchflwr - February 6

Hi ladies. Steph, I am so sorry to hear about Trevor. Poor guy! A double ear infection, he must be miserable. I hope he starts to feel better and you don't have to take him to the hospital. Keep us posted. Ash2, I don't think it makes you a bad mother, just a tired one. You have a lot on your plate. I would be a zombie if I went to bed that late as well. After ds goes to bed my dog (we have a lab, who is 2 but still very puppyish) wants me to play with him and I am exhausted and don't have the energy to. So I can imagine how you feel with a four year old, at least mine will go and lay down. Honestly, I am usually in bed before 9 pm. Maybe dh could give you an afternoon for you to rest up. I think we all need one of those! Or before work you and the 4 year old could do a quite activity like coloring, so you can relax a bit before going to work. Jwhite, if you are switching sitters I would give your lo time to get used to a new sitter. Maybe have her go one day to meet her and another time for a few hours before going all day. Dh and I were considering switching, but I feel like Hunter has been with Ms. Matilda for 6 months now, since he was 8 weeks and has a bond with her. It can be a tough decision, but hopefully she will adjust fine. Well Hunter is officially a crawler, he must have been practicing a lot yesterday because when I got home he crawled over to me. Dh was so shocked. I tried to get him the duck tub, but Target was all out. Last night while bathing him in the infant tub he just kept trying to get to the big tub, so I just filled it up for him and he had a great time. Crawling all over in it, laying in the water, splashing. So I think we are saying farewell to our baby tub and on to the big boy one. Regina, glad to hear Lynn liked the green beans. What are you guys going to try next? It sounds like Lynn usually goes down for naps pretty easily. Hunter can be a little diffcult to put down. He is always wanting to look around at everything. Hope everyone has a good day!


Regina - February 6

Hi everyone! Been a busy day for me. My boss is back from vacation and has given me plenty to do! Steph, thanks for letting us know about Trevor! Poor thing! I really hope you didn't have to take him to the hospital. Isn't there a portable breating device they can give you for RSV? Do you have any idea how long it will be before he starts feeling better? Jwhite, I would think your dd would have some adjusting to do with a switch in caregivers. I don't think it would affect her negatively if she bonds well with the new sitter. I second Leah's idea about trying to make a gradual shift. Ash2, your schedule is incredibly hectic! Mine does not come even close to that and I just have little Lynn vying for attention. If you are getting irritable, it sounds like you need some "me" time. I think it's alright not to play with your 4 year old here and there as long as it doesn't become a habit to say no. Once it gets warmer, you can take him to the park so he can get some energy out and you can take a backseat to entertaining him. :) You sound like you are doing a great job, so don't beat yourself up to much. It is easy to feel overwhelmed between work, kids, house, and (of course) DH. Leah, yeah for Hunter!!! Now I wonder why Lynn hasn't figured it out yet! I'm glad Hunter did well in the big tub too. I was just too paranoid about Lynn falling to one side and hitting her head. I also couldn't fill the tub with very much water, so I felt like she would be too cold or fall forward just trying to get to the water. Leah, I got some stage 2 fruit blends that I am going through and squash. After these, I will probably introduce meats. Where are you with Hunter's solids?


jwhite - February 6

bchflwr what do you use for softner??


mischelly30 - February 7

Hi everyone! Ty and I had a great weekend and our week is going well so far. Regina, excellent that Lynn did so great on Sunday!! Does anyone on here b___stfeed? I bf and am having a terrible time getting Ty to take a bottle while at daycare. He refuses to eat and the daycare has started calling me at work every 3 hours, wanting me to come over and bf him. NOT cool. I went out today and bought a differnt type of bottle but that didn't seem to help. He just bites on the nipple. So, now I am going to try him on a sippy cup...agghh. Anyone have any advice? Bchflwr, I am out near L.A. Ash2, I feel busy (and I hate that some days I don't get much time with Ty), but not overwhelmed *usually*. I go to bed around 11-midnight and get up at 5:30am to get ready for work. Ty goes to bed at 8 or 8:30, so between his bedtime and my bedtime I get ready for the next day and catch up on any work that I didn't get done during the day. Grad school prepared me well for getting by on minimal sleep :)


bchflwr - February 7

Good morning all! Regina, Hunter has a jar of cereal in the morning, a stage 2 fruit at lunch, and a stage 2 veggie for dinner. I have tried the chicken noodle and chicken vegetable and Hunter does not like them. He gags and coughs, not sure if he is not chewing and just trying to swallow it. I did give him an arrowroot cookie yesterday and he ate it, kind of sucked on it till it got mushy. So I sent them to school with him for when they have snack time he can work on getting used to self feeding and solids. Is she eating a whole jar at a time now? Let me know how she does on the meats. I have been meaning to post this to you guys but keep forgetting. I have exited the hair loss stage and have entered the hair regrowth stage. Which is horrible! I have tons of hair that is only like an inch or so long sticking up. So Hunter and I both have crazy hair! Dh thinks it is hilarious, I on the other hand don't. So I am looking forward to the end of this stage. Hunter's top teeth still have not come through yet, they are taking their sweet time. Mischelly, I have no answers on the breasfeeding issue, I was only able to breasfeed for 3 weeks before supplementing and eventually having to switch to formula completely. Regina might be able to help you with that though. I have no clue how you function on so little sleep! We are trying to introduce a sippy cup to Hunter and he is not really having it. I am going to put juice in it this weekend and see if that might be some incentive. He loves drinking out of a regular cup though! Steph how is is Trevor feeling? Hope he is getting better. Jwhite, I actually never changed fabric softeners we use downy, and have not had a problem. Someone said that all makes a free and clear dryer sheet. I will probably get those next time I go to the store.


Regina - February 7

This morning Lynn was on the floor while I was getting ready, and she backwards crawled herself into DH's closet. It was so adorable! I took a picture, but I'm not sure if it turned out that great. She has started anticipating the flash now too and closing her eyes. It really makes it difficult to get a good shot! Leah, I think I'm going to start with turkey because it's a bit easier to digest than chicken (so I've read). I'm probably a week or more out on meats though at this point. She is eating half a jar (of the stage 2 type jars), which is better than where she has been. Does Hunter eat the whole jar at a sitting? My hair has stopped falling out now too, yeah! I haven't noticed any weird growing spurt though. Mischelly, getting Lynn to take a bottle was no easy task for us! I went back to work when she was 2 months old and the 2 weeks before it was bottle boot camp for her! Just keep trying, and it helps if someone else can offer him the bottle besides you because he will likely not accept it from you. To this day Lynn takes bottles fine from everyone else but me. One night I couldn't b___st feed because of this ointment I had to put on. My MIL got up for the first feeding, and Lynn ate. The second time I got up, and she would not drink the bottle! She is one tough cookie to crack! Anyway, keep trying different bottles and nipples. Lynn hated Avent, but likes the playtex nursers. I didn't want to mess with the bags, but the nipples fit onto the ventaire bottles. So that' s what finally worked for us. There is also a b___stflow bottle made by the first years (I think), and we used that one too. I think it helped her get the hang of the bottle. Also try the bottle when he is not really really hungry. It is hard to do because when you are with him you'd rather b___stfeed, but I couldn't do that until we got Lynn used to the bottle. I would have to leave the room also. I would still b___stfeed her at other times, but she got at least one bottle a day in the time period leading up to my return to work. Ohh, and if he's chewing the nipple, try a faster flow b/c it likely isn't coming out fast enough to suit him. Steph b___stfeeds too, so maybe she can share her experience, if she's able. Steph, how's Trevor? Are you at home with him?


Steph - February 7

Hello there! Trevor is FINALLY feeling better today!! YAY! I'm at work and just talked to my mom and he's doing well. He's taking a nap right now and has been sleeping for over an hour UNSWADDLED!! Wooo! He did sleep unswaddled last night as well, because when I tried to swaddle him up, he got mad. So, it seems as if he has finally realized he can sleep with his extremities out! :o) His cough is a bit better and he's still on the nebulizer, and will be for the next week and a half. Only thing is that his voice is almost gone, so his cry is so sad...I can barely hear him. I don't really have any advice on the bottle/bfeeding issue, because Trev takes a bottle fine from anyone now, including myself. We use the Dr. Brown's bottles. I'm slowley starting to wean him, and he gets formula and b/milk everyday. Mischelly, you may want to try and get him a sippy cup and see if he does well on those...if the sippy doesn't work, you may want to get a Playtex nurser bottle (w/the dropins). He may like that because it's supposed to be more like a it may help.


jwhite - February 7

steph that is great to hear about Trevor... My dd's cough is getting better it is just mainly in the morning when she coughs or if she wakes up and she's squirming around to get comfortable. It's real mucousy sounding.


Regina - February 7

I'm so glad to hear that Trevor is feeling better!! I hope you have been able to get some sleep, Steph. Has Trev felt like eating since he's been sick? Jwhite, I hope Makayla can kick her cough! : )


Steph - February 7

Regina, he hasn't really been eating much since he got sick. He lost 5-6ozs in 5 days. He really did not seem interested in eating at all, he just wanted juice, so that's what he got! I talked to his ped about it and he said it was fine....hydration was the key and not the acutal eating and told me not to worry. Probably in the next day or two, I'll start giving him babyfood/table food again, but I'm going to hold off until he starts feeling a lot better. So Lynn is mastering the backwards crawl?!! Trev has we both get to await the forward crawl!! Also, it sounds like Lynn is eating much better! Has she been gaining weigh faster?


bchflwr - February 8

I am so glad to hear everyone's los are feeling better. Steph, Trevor's cry must break your heart, but Yay for the the no swaddling. That is great! Not much new going on here, anticipating the weekend!!!


jwhite - February 8

Since you all are career moms like myself I have a question for all of you. Ok when I first put my dd in home care I was ok with it, didn't cry or feel depressed. Well just starting yesterday I started to feel really, really depressed about all that I am missing (milestones and etc.) I miss her smile, her giggle everything about her. I feel like a bad mom not being able to stay home with her and spending every waking moment with her. I feel like she thinks I am never there for her cause she is at daycare most of her time awake. it sucks!! Do any of you feel this way all of a sudden like this? I just started feeling this way yesterday and she just turned 6 months on 1/28/07.



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