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waiting100 - February 1

I am currenly a SAHM, I have a almost 10 month old ds. Before baby I worked full time and had always worked full time since I was 18 years old--I am 32 now. I love being at home with my baby and would not have it any other way. I am also planning on getting pregnant in Aug or Sept of this year - so I will most likely be at home with baby #2 also. I know that I want to go back to work or have a career once my kids are in school - but I have no idea what to do. I am very lucky because I have the time right now to decide what kind of career I would want - i would want something that would be flexible so I could be home with kids after school, volunteer at school, field trips -- all of that. So, my question is, does anyone have any recommendations for a career with flexibility - I was thinking an event planner, esthetican(sp?), beautician, I dont know -- any one have any ideas or does anyone have a flexible career now?


bekysu - February 1

School teacher....................I am in the same place you are right now. I have two little ones at home and currently not working. Now is the time for me to go back to school. I haven't decided what it is that I want to do. My sis says to go into teaching so I don't miss anything with my children. Go to a career center at a local community college and have a career a__sessment done or, go to the O NET to do a career a__sessment. Not sure of the website but you could google it. It's actually O*Net or something...let me know if you have any questions, this is what I did for a living b4 I had children.


kellens mom - February 1

Lately, I have been seeing opportunities in my community for services that appear to be in short supply. They may not be of interest, but there is a need where I live. A responsible, quality individual for house/pet care for vacationing people. Dog grooming. Land appraiser (verses residential appraiser which are a dime a dozen here). A "gal Friday" to help with billing and accounting for small contractors (one person electricial or plumbing businesses). Like I said, they may not be right for you... I do like the event planner idea.


waiting100 - February 1

loving the feedback - thank you ladies -- anymore ideas would be so helpful and great! Thanks!


cae - February 1

What about the medical field? I am a RN and let me tell you, I think, it is the a wonderful career, esp if you have kids. Let me explain. It is a very demanding field, so you can pick where you want to work, how often you want to work and the pay is great. can be stressful at times, but their so much you can do with a Nursing degree. You can work in a hopsital as a floor nurse(OB, labor and delivery, medical/surgical, Oncology, cardiac, surgery, Trauma, ER, radiology, Intensive care, Pediatrics, etc., work at an insurance agency, be a school nurse, industrial/occupational nurse, work at a doctors office, work as a casemanager, work as a home health nurse, work as an instructor at college or university, flight nurse, product sales representative, work in research, work at a nursing home, this is just to name a few, there so much more. I have been a RN for almost 3 years, work at a large hospital and work on 3 different medical/surgical units. I am only required to work 2 shifts a months, however, I usually work about 2 shifts per week. I make my own scheudule, and pick whatever days I want to work, what shift I want to work, the length of my shifts, what department I want to work, I dont have to work weekends of holidays. I have it really good, but I know it definately isnt like this everywhere, do some research there are great oppurtunities our there. I love working as a staff nurse on a medical/surgical floor, it definatley keeps my skills up, but I would love to be a school nurse at the school where my son will start preschool, but we'll see. I have such a flexable career, when I had my baby I took 6months off work and then had no problems returning. Good luck in whatever you choose.


BaileysMummy - February 2

I am an accounts manager, earn great money with a company phone and car. I am lucky the position was offered to me from my work where I was an office manager for years. I work my own hours and visit customers according to my schedule. There are days when I take my ds to daycare at 10am and pick him up at 1pm. It's great and very flexible, I would not be working if I couldn't put my family before my career.



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