Caring For DS S Circumsicion

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cayingo - February 16

I am very close to delivering my first boy (we have a 7yo DD), and have started wondering about how the circ_msicion proceedure is done and what I do to care for it after. We have requested the pediatricain use anesthetic. I'm a assuming this is a local or topical, not general anesth. ??? What else ahould I know? Our regular pedi doesn't have privlidges at the hospital I'm delivering at, but my OB (chief of OB there) has recommended who she conciders the best on staff to do the operation. I just would like to know what to expect. :)


staci - February 16

First congratulations! So this may not be step by step but it is localized anesthesia. They use a tool to pull back the foreskin exposing the head. This tool collects that skin in a little ring and is cut off. And that's about it. When my ds had his they did not tell me how to care for it, luckily my mom had 3 boys so she told me and helped me with it. They didn't tell me that you need to make sure the skin does not connect to the head again. You have to keep it lubed up(with neosporin-the gel kind) and pull it back at every diaper change. If this skin gets stuck to the head it can cause infection and pain to your ds. Just ask the dr. and they can show you. The dr. that does your lo's may tell you, but mine didn't and my ds's got stuck a few times. Sorry if this isn't by the books, but it's pretty much how it will go. There may be some one else on here who can tell you the exact names of the tools and fill in some missing steps for you. You could probably google it. Good luck!


CWeber - February 16

I was told to just coat his diaper with vaseline liberally for the next 24hrs and after that it would be fine and it was.


TiffanyRae - February 17

We were told to leave it completely alone...unless it started to bleed....then we were told to bring him back in. But it didn't blees at all and In about a week the little ring fell off and things have been perfect since! I made a list of the things I wanted to make sure I had proper care and instructions on, when I left the hospital. The discharge nurse sat down with me and we went through everything! I delivered at a fantastic hospital though...they would have covered it anyway! Good Luck


wailing - February 17

We were instructed to use a liberal amount of vaseline for a day or two just so it wouldn't stick to the diaper and then just to leave it alone after that. You should always look for infection, swelling, pussines, etc. When u go back for ur 2wk checkup they will look at it again. We had abs no problems w/ ds's circ_mcision at all. It healed really well. You do have to ask ur dr to show you how to clean their p___s's though. Sometimes a build of smega happens and you have to clean it so it doesn't cause infection.


docbytch - February 17

cayingo I have seen circ_mcisions done (healthcare professional) and it's not as traumatic as people might think. Basically you will want to keep the area dry and coated with A&D or desitin. The nurses will go through all of this with you at the hospital. My boy got his circ from my OB when he was 1 day old. He did beautifully. Something to also keep in mind is that it's better the procedure be done now when your baby's CNS is immature. This means less pain and absolutely NO memory of the event. Hope this helped. Good luck!


lmk - February 17

cayingo, There are 2 different anesthetics that can be used. One is a gel that needs to be applied about 1/2 hour before, and one is a shot. We asked to be present when our ds was circ'ed, and our OB (it's the OB who does the circ, not the pedi) let us. I think that helped, because our ds did not cry as much as the other little babies that we saw. My dh gave him the sugar water (just a dropperful that they give to calm the babies) and we were able to soothe him right away. In general babies get very sleepy after kind of withdraw. It makes b___stfeeding that day more challenging. To care for it, we just vaseline on it, no antibiotic is necessary unless there's an infection.


cayingo - February 17

Thank you all for your advise. We have requested and been told it's not a problem at all to be present at the time of. I know now to ask about the type of anest. Do I have that choice or is it dr choice? Evry time my DD got immunized her pedi recommended I nurse her immediatley to sooth. Is this suggested for this tyoe of procedure too? One of you mentioned a "bell"; does that stay on the p___s and if so for how long? As you can tell, I have a DD and did not have any brothers so this is all new to me (and my Mom so asking her advise would be pointless). Thanks again. I hope you all are enjoying your lo's. :)



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