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MRS.R - January 6

Sorry to butt in on the Infant care forum but i seem to get really ggod responses from you ladies.. I have a 5 and a 1/2 year old and i am Due in July with #2. I was just wondering if i need to buy a new carseat or will the one i used with my son be ok. By the time my baby is born it will be six years old.. It is in such good shape. My son got big really fast and i have the stroller which it fits into. I hope to reuse that also. But as far as safety standards i don't know if it is still consider GOOD.. Any info would help.. If not what is a good one to consider if i need a new one. Thanks so much.


Christy - January 6

I think that Baby Center has a database of recalled baby items, including carseats. So does Consumer reports online, but you may have to pay for that. I'd go to one of those sites and see if your carseat was recalled. If not, I bet it is fine. If you really aren't too sure, then have your local fire or police department check it out for you and see what they say.


Lisastar9 - January 6

I have an evenflow joy ride infant carseat with a fixed recall kit on it. I will be using it for this baby toodue in March. Just phone the company who makes it they will be able to provide you with the information what is recalled and what is not. They will even send you a kit to fix it in the mail for free. I had mine delivered thin 2 1/2 weeks from calling I live in Canada. My carseat must be 7 years old. Good luck with your little one when born.


FF - January 6

I had a question about this too- I have a carseat that is about two years old which was given to me when I was pregnant. It is in good shape and isn't on any of the recall lists, but on the back it says "Do Not Use After Dec. 2003". Should I call the manufacturer and ask why? I am using a new carseat at the moment but I would like to have this one in my car and the other one in hubby's. Any suggestions?


momma - January 6

my infant car seat and the bases that go with it have a manufactured date and an experation date on it in raised plastic, maybe yours does as well, the manufacturer would know if it has been recalled maybe you could call them taking it to a police or fire dept. or a carseat check is a great idea they would be able to let you know good luck


MRS.R - January 6

Thanks Ladies your info helped alot.. The seat i have has been recalled. So i think i will go and get a new one..What do you all recomend?


Kathryn - January 6

Turn the carseat over. It has an experation date on the bottom. I would also reconmend contacting your local fire dept. to see if they have certified installers. You would not beleive the amount of training time it takes to become certified. ( I think it was about 48hrs for basic).



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