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melissa - November 24

I am due with my first child any day now. We finally got the crib put together last week, and now our cats have found a new favorite place. I didn't think they would be able to jump that high, especially our 20 pounder, but was quickly proven wrong. My hubby suggested putting a towel on the bar, so we'll see how that goes, maybe slipping off will deter them? Just wondering if anyone else had this problem, and was able to fix it. I've thought about buying a scat mat, but they're pricey. Getting rid of cats is really not an option--they are like children to us. The one cat was also peeing in the nursery, but we bought feliway plug-in, and that seems to help a lot, in conjunction with keeping litter boxes cleaner.


Jbear - November 24

I think you can buy a mesh cover for the crib to keep pets out. I had a cat before I had my first baby and he was like a child to me...I thought. But when I brought the baby home and the cat's behaviour changed drastically, he became an outdoor cat. Some cats get along great with babies, though. My mom told me when I was a baby her cat would sleep next to me in the crib...we were in Idaho in the winter and she let the cat sleep with me so I'd stay warm.


Lesley - November 24

Ewww cat hairs on your babies sheets and blankets! Keep the door shut so the cats can't get in. I don't have pets for the simple reason I have children. Animals and children do not go. It is so easy for even the tamest animal to turn. And I am not putting my children at that risk.


Christy - November 24

I have been lucky in that my cats have ignored the baby for the most part. I had planned on keeping the door shut to the nursery to keep them out of his crib, but they don't really go in there. I tought about the tent, too, but I was worried my 18 lb kitty would collapse it. I am sure your 20 lb puss would! I have also heard foil and double-sided tape drive cats nuts- you may want to put tape on the bar and foil in the crib to deter them. I wish you luck!


ally - November 24

I have to disagree with the last 2 posts, i do not understand how children and pets do not go. That is madness. A puppy etc can be a childs playmate. They learn many things from a pet, how to treat animals, nurturing and caring for their pet and to the last post that is more madness. Why get rid of the cats cause u r pregnant, why do u lose a beloved pet because a baby is coming, i dont get these replys.. Is there a way just to shut the door or put ur cats in the laundry or something when they are inside. Do u let them outside as they are full on outdoor animals. Just shut the nursery door or put some kinda barrier so they cant get in cause cat pee etc wouls not be very hygenic for a baby who is about to sleep in there, good luck and keep the cats.......


ally - November 24

Just to clarify, lesleys post and the one b4 mine, sorry


d - November 24

Cats are very smart. I know someone with two cats and I 'll ask her how and why her cats are not going in the crib. I slept over once with my baby and never saw that problem. I'' get back to you on that point.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I get so annoyed when people make terrible comments and they don't even post their name. I wonder if its the same person doing this lately in so many topics I've been through lately. Please if you have nothing nice to say respectfully then don't say it at all. You are so rude. If your a mother, what kind of role model are you going to be to your kids if you keep talking like that.


Lesley - November 24

I have explained in my post. Animals can turn just like that. Even the tamest of pets can. I wouldn't put my children at that risk. I am not saying that you shouldn't have pets, but I wouldn't. Cat wee can cause blindness and I have better things to do with my time than pick dog c___p up. We have a fish and thats all we having!


WOW - November 24

I agree with Lesley. I can't get into the whole "fill in your pet's name here" is like family. Like family and IS family are two different things. My husband ADORES his cats, I could take them or leave them. When they started jumping on counter tops, urinating and sleeping in the nursery that was the last straw. The water guns came out! You could try that, but people who think their pets are family tend to dislike that idea.;) A cheap scat mat is tin foil. Some cats don't like noise created when they jump on it. Another is double stick tape on cardboard, they HATE sticky paws! Unfortunately it takes time to train the cat and it doesn't sound like you have much left so I am not sure if any of these will work for you. Keeping the door closed maybe your only option.


karine - November 24

WHAT the hell!!!!!! wtf! i still cant beleive what iam reading. (why dont you just) that was the ruddest thing. i dont think that having pets and kids is BAD. As long as you keep it clean, and not stinky. The comment about "you shoudnt have gotten pregnant, because you have the cats" was totally out of place. go find some other boards to bully, cause we are tired on this one, of people like you!!!!! i had my 2 beautiful lovong cats when they were...ummm....1 day old (as my mother had the mom) and i braught them home when they were just 2 WEEKS old, as the mom stop having milk (i dont know why) and i have bonded and cared for them as they were my children. iam sorry but i wont get ride of my cats, (that wouldnt even hurt a fly, that sleeps and plays with hamsters, and that loves rabbits, and KIDS) just cause i want kids, and i certainly woudnt have waited 10-15yrs until my cats pa__s away to start a family. i keep it clean, i have a 2 & 3 yrs old, and pregnant again. my cats have gone through hell and back with the kids, and they NEVER NEVER laid a claw on them. they go away and hide when they are fed up. to:melissa, just keep your bedroom door closed so the cats cant fo in, as my cats where not aloud in the infant craddle or crib/basinet. i woudnt let my newborn get too much hair on her stuff, and would wash very frequently.


Shannon - November 24

. i don't think you should get rid of them! if they are kid friendly or have no interest then why. while you shouldn't do anything to make you're kid sick, exposure to allergens early on decreases the likelihood they'll have allergies later on. anyway, i got a spray bottle to squirt water at my cats when they're being bad. we'd been shutting our doors, but we found that they had like zero interest in the baby's crib when no one was in there, but if that's what you have to do... i've never heard of a scat mat. the plug in sounds interesting, does it smell really strong? or is it a cats can only smell it kinda thing?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 24

I dont have cats, but I have heard that getting a piece of poster boad, cutting it to the size of the mattress and covering it with double sided tape and putting it in the crib. I have a friend that said she did it one time and since then the cats have not went near the nursery, she also did it with the ba__sinette, carseat, swing, and pack n play (anywhere the baby would be) She also started working on getting the cats out of her bed early in pregnancy (I know you are due any day now, CONGRATS!!) Good luck and just keep an eye on the cats!


Kathryn - November 24

I had to find a new home for my cat when my son came home because I couldn't keep the cat out of the crib and he started peeing on my couch. My aunt and uncle replaced their son's bedroom door with a screen door to keep their cat out of the room. That way they could hear the baby and keep the cat out.


melissa - November 24

Shannon--the plug in has no odor to people, it has cat pheromones, which is what they leave when they rub against things, and it seems to have a calming effect on them. I really think it's working, and there are also ones for dogs, too--we got one for our friends and they say their dog has been much calmer since. We have no problem with our dog, and our cats are very nice and friendly, just like to sleep in new places. They are declawed, so outside isn't an option. So far the towel on the crib bar seems to be working, but I will definitely try the foil and 2-sided tape if need be--they would hate that, so I can see that working. My hubby also had good point--once baby is here, I don't think they'll want to be anywhere near a screaming baby, but I will probably leave the door shut in the first few weeks, just to be safe. To the negative posters, I realize not all people are cat/animal lovers, but I've had our 3 pets for 5,4,& 3 years, respectively, and they do become part of the family, and I see no reason why they and the baby won't connect. I grew up with a cat, and wouldn't have traded it. I also believe our dog, a lab, will be great friends, and protective, of the baby. Thanks for everyone's good ideas!


Mommy - November 24

You really should try to keep the cats out of the nursery. It is not only really gross when an animal "marks their territory," but it is not very heigenic either. My parents also had a cat for 2 years before my oldest brother was born but when he started spraying the nursery it was time for him to go. I personally would not feel comfortable with having a cat around my kids because of the shedding and peeing thing, but obviously it is your choice and you have already said you love them. I would just say to maybe make the cats a room? If you have a walk in closet or something that you can make THEIRS maybe they will stay out of the baby's room. And keep the door shut to the nursery when the baby is in there. That way you won't have to worry about the cats getting in while you are out of the room. (a__suming you have a baby moniter to hear your little one on.)


Shelly - November 24

Melissa,I 100% agree with your last post.I have 6 indoor cats (declauwed) and2 dogs,and they all get along with the baby.I think as long as you keep giving them attention there should be no problem,none of the cats have tried to get in his crib since he got home.And I do keep them out of the nursery,but during the day I have a pack n' play,swing and bounce chair and they leave it alone!!!


karine - November 25

well my cats dont spray anywhere lol. they have alot of attention though. they used to go in the crib, but the moment the babies come home they dont anymore, they like to sleep in the nursery, but on the carpet, or underneath the crib. they like being apart of everything, they always sleep with us, beside the bed or at our feet. i woudnt be able to put up with spraying either, it stink! my cats have been spayed and neuteured since they were one year old.



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