Ceiling Fans In Nursery

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krnj - February 23

I was thinking about putting a ceiling fan light fixture in the nursery. Is this a good idea or not? Thanks!!


Channy - February 23



krnj - February 23

Why not Channy?


Heidi - February 23

I would. My daughter LOVES staring at ceiling fans when they're not on. I shouldn't of bought her toys cus she's more obsessed with that fan!


jessb - February 23

I dont see why it would be a bad idea to have a ceiling fan. My daughter has one in her room. ITs on right now b/c we live in florida and its hot today!


Ca__sieSong - February 23

Heidi, my dd is exactly the same way... obsessed with ceiling fans! We have one in every room of our house and she loves to stare at them.


krnj - February 23

Thanks everyone!


MJM - February 23

My son also loves the ceiling fan. My dh went to the car part store and bought these lights that are suppose to go on the tires valve stem and put those on the ceiling fan now when we have it on it has these d__n lights that go round and round. Men.............


Grantsmom - February 23

There is one in my son's room. As soon as the weather is warmer and I'll start using it. I live in the south and it gets very hot here. Even with the air on it can get stuffy at night. My hubby and I sleep with one on so I figure Grant will probably like it too. Plus he is very hot natured.


Grantsmom - February 23

Forgot to add, He also LOVES staring at ours in the living room. He laughs and smiles at it even if it's not on. I guess because it is a dark mahogany against the white ceililng it stands out. What is it with babies and ceiling fans. The one in his room is white and it blends in with the ceiling, so he has never noticed it. I might suggest you get a fun bright color or something.


Erin1979 - February 25

Cate is the same. If I turn the fan off in our livingroom, it is the first thing she notices! It makes me laugh how she can stare at that thing for so long. I think that a celing fan is a great idea. We use them in the summer and winter to help evenly disperse the cool or warm air around the rooms. They are wonderful!


kimmysmommy - February 28

just wanted to say that my dd also stares/smiles/laughs at the ceiling fan in our bedroom, and when she moves into her own room, we will be putting one in there too...even if it is only for her entertainment purposes..lol


afanderson - March 22

My daughter is 8 weeks old and has loved looking at the celing fan since she was 3 days old. I guess they all love it...must be the contrast from the colors of the fan and celings. I bet it would be good to circulate the air around as long as it doesnt get to chilly.


ElizabethL. - March 22

How funny is this? Our daughter has been staring at our ceiling fans since we brought her home. She looks up at them and then acts all coy and looks away real quick and then looks back to see if it is still there, She is three months old, my husband says she is flirting with the fans.


Linneah - March 22

My son LOVES the ceiling fan, its like his best friend. He talks and smiles at it even when its not on.


natalia - March 23

How funny it is. My son loves to coos and "talks" to the ceiling fan also. He sits in his high chair and stares up the ceiling having conversation with the fan :)



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