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Jenn - February 19

ANyone ever put cereal in there 7 week olds bottle to get the fuller. My cousin said she did that at 6 weeks but I have not heard of that.


Denise - February 19

I would be careful with that, whether you are bf or bottlefeeding. It could bind your baby up pretty good. Their little digestive systems can't handle digesting food yet, It is normal for a bf to eat every 2-4 hours and a bottlefed every 4 hours. You just have to let them wake up to eat and not rush them into sleeping longer. Good Luck!


I agree - February 20

I think 7 weeks is too early for cereal. They should be AT LEAST 4 months and then it's best to feed with a spoon so they learn how to "chew" and swallow.


Amanda - February 20

My son's ped told me to put cereal in his bottle when he was only 6 weeks old because he was so hungry all the time. I only tried it a couple times and decided that I did not like putting it in his bottle. Now he is 9 weeks old and I spoon feed him about a half a tablespoon with a 4 oz bottle and he does better eating it off a spoon. I did not think he would spoon feed this early but he does sooo good.


MJM - February 20

I do this with the last bottle at bedtime. i would not do it 3 times a day. I would say just at night. Or try spoon feeding it to your child. I did it both ways with both kids.


Jennifer - February 20

How old were they?


lauren - February 20

I give my dd one bottle with cereal at night before bed. I only put 1 tsp in an 8 oz bottle. I find it really helps her sleep better. Ive been doing this for a week now and she has had no problem pooping! She is 10 weeks old.


Michelleb - February 21

Wow..an 8 oz bottle at 10 weeks. she is a hungry baby. My advice is same as denise. My doctor told me the rice cereal can constipate them, especially at the younger ages. Barley and Oatmeal supposedly are not as binding. Maybe your dr can offer advice on this at your two month appointment. Good luck.


Sophie's granda - February 21

7wks is too young. If you have a real piggy wait until he/she is around the 3 month mark. Then only use one teaspoon in a full bottle...RICE cereal only! it's easier to digest.


pbj - February 21

My dd starting taking a full 8 oz bottle at every feeding at about 9 weeks. I would not recommend giving cereal to an infant that young. Mainly because research is showing that exposure to grain too early may cause the extreme allergies to some foods (peanuts) later. I do have a friend who did that with both of her girls and she swares by it. Newborns do not have the ability to move their tongues back in their mouths, so it is easy for them to choke. Peds. will sometimes recommend thickening formula with rice cereal for babies with reflux...but I would only do it with the peds. permission so he/she could give the correct measurement. Maybe your friend did it under the recommendation of her childs ped. Also, a lot of women used to do that...I have many friends whose moms fed that cereal really young.


Michelle - February 21

I feed my daughter cereal mostly at night. She is 7 weks old and is a very big eater. I have to put her on cereal otherwise just the formula she will spit most up and is always hungry. She will not sleep in a sound sleep with just formula. course she is constipated, but I really have no choice. Any suggestions?



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