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L's Momma - March 20

When can I give my baby cereal in his bottle. He is 7 weeks old now.


Maleficent - March 21

milk ONLY for the first 6 months.


Mom of One - March 22

L's momma- my son is 4 months now and i put cereal in his bottle. It really is up to you and your child's pediatrician as to when to start your baby on cereal. My son wasn't getting full off of formula alone so i asked the pediatrician and was told it was ok-for my baby. So consult your pediatrician about it...but 7 weeks is way too young to start cereal in the bottle. Hope this helps


social worker with babies - April 25

Cereal should be given to baby about 6 mo of age. Do not feed baby cereal in bottle...it is a choking hazard


MELISSA - April 25

I began giving my babies cereal in their bottles when they were about 3-4 wks old. It help to fill their tummies and they sleep better. I also fed it to them 2 different ways....1) in a special cereal bottle and 2) very diluted in formula.


Maureen - April 25

I didn't give baby cereal until just recently. He's 6 Months old now. We were afraid he would choke, also, I was told not to just in case there could be an alergic reaction, that's why the so called experts tell you to wait until baby is 6 Months old. Hope this helps.


crystal - April 26

I'm from jamaica, and when I was a baby my mother gave me porridge in my bottle sometimes instead of always b___stfeeding. At a couple of months. That's a tradition for centuries, and everyone came out fine and no one I knew ever choked. but I think u should ask your pediatrician.


dymond - April 27

ceral in the bottle is not a choking hazard-my daughter has reflux and has had it in there since she was 2 weeks. my mom started putting baby food in my food when i was a couple weeks old cuz milk wasnt filling me up and so did i with my baby. but make sure its not too thick


chel - April 28

There is no need to give baby cereal until about 4 months and that is only if they are not satisfied with formula. There is no need to start it at 7 weeks. It can also lead to very rapid weight gain giving it to them so early.


kim - April 29

I would try spoon feeding at 4 months. Mix bananas or other fruit once he/she is use to the cereal.


Samantha - May 8

I started giving my son cereal when he was a little over 5 weeks old. He loves it! He was not getting full when I fed him 16 ounces in 3 hours I knew it was time to add a little more.


sure - May 15

you CAN NOT give him cereal in his bottle!! feed it to him dont be lazy!


Mommy of three - May 17

If you're doing it to help baby sleep longer it really won't help. I have a 14 yr. old, a 10 yr. old and a 7wk old. The oldest was fed cereal in her bottle at around 2 mths because she was hungry not because I thought I would get more sleep. She didn't start sleeping through the night until about four months. She never choked or had any digestion problems with the cereal, but every child is different. She is a healthy, thin, well adjusted track runner, volleyball and soccer player. My 10 yr. old was bottle fed w/o cereal and satisfied with that until around 4 mths, then I started spoon fed cereal( it took him about a month to get the hang of it). My 7 wk old is satisfied with his bottles w/o cereal and wakes up every 3 to 4 hours for feeding. Many people think cereal in the bottle will help baby sleep longer, it doesn't, baby will sleep longer when he/she is ready.


Stephanie - May 17

I started hand feeding my daughter cereal at about five months old. I would mix it with a little bit of formula and let her have a few bites, then I would give her the rest of her bottle.


monica - May 17

my mom who will take care of my new baby has given a little bit of cereal from 2 months. I swear the minute he had cereal he slept the whole night through. Also he spit up a lot and the pediatrician told me to put a little in his formula and that really helped.


BT - May 18

I started to give my son cereal at about 3 months. Not by bottle, by spoon. Very watery at first. You couldn't even tell that their was cereal in it. But he gradually got used to it a bit thicker and DID sleep through the night much better. Also, he had acid reflux and he spit up alot less w/ the heavier consistency of the cereal. I asked my Dr. about it and she told me that it wouldn't hurt if I wanted to try it. She said it MAY help or it MAY not. I'm not saying it is right for everyone so talk w/ your Dr. about it. I think all babies need to be treated individually. They don't all require the same things at the exact same time. Same as adults. For me, it is absurd to say " okay, 6 months to the day. He/she is now ready for _____." I mean what the heck is the week earlier going to do or a week later? Dr.'s are meant to give us great guide lines. From there we decide what is best for our children. Using your instincts never hurt! Good luck!!


!!!! - June 3

I agree with sure....feed your baby cereal with a spoon between 4-6 months, otherwise it's lazy.



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