Cereal At Every Meal For 9 Month Old

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Kelleyb - June 15

My son will be 9 month on Sunday, and I'm just wondering what other moms are feeding their babies at this age.


olivia - June 15

Well, my dd won't eat cereal anymore (because she can't do it herself). Today for breakfast she had banana, avacado, and pancakes. Dinners we give her bits of whatever we are having (chicken, rice, veggies, beans, bread). She pretty much tries everything we eat but nuts, berries, citrus. She just got her first tooth this weekend, so that didn't slow her down either. You can probably start trying more stuff if you are comfortable with it! He will let you know if he is not ready.


Mommy_Erin23 - June 15

At 9mo my little one would eat pretty much anything, save for the stuff they aren't suposed to have, egg whites, nuts ect. Avoid anything thats really chewy, and if he doesn't eat solids at all yet try introducing chunky foods slowly. Moms best Baby food for toddlers (has peas, pasta, soft potatos and other easily mashed up stuff) is nice if you like convience. My daughter loved them like crazy till she was about one. However some kids like Olivias are really independent and like finger foods more. Just give a whole bunch of stuff a shot your little guy will let you know what he likes. Good luck :)


HANNAHs Mom - June 16

My dd won't eat the baby cereals either but she really likes Cream of Wheat (made with vanilla soy milk) and I am going to try real oatmeal soon. Other than that, I feed my baby shredded cheeses, yogurt, practically all fruits and veggies cut up in tiny pieces, I order lunchmeats at the deli "shaved" and she seems to like that, also pancakes, avocado, egg yolk...my dd seems to eat anything...yesterday she shoved my 4-year old's "pet" caterpillar in her mouth! Thankfully I was right there and was able to pull it out...sopping wet, intact but dead! Gross! My 4-year old was in tears....


jess - June 18

i wanna start my ds on finger foods, he has only had the jars of veggies so far...he is 8 mo 1 week......no teeth yet...one coming though....any suggestions on what to start with???


HANNAHs Mom - June 19

Hi Jess...a good choice to start with would be cheerios. They practically melt in babies mouths and they are a good size for baby to practice the pincer grasp. Other than that...anything soft and small...shredded cheese, soft diced carrot etc.


Kelleyb - June 19

Thank you all for replying. It's nice to hear what other moms are doing with their children. I've spoke to other mom too, and it sounds like everyone does similar things, but at the same time there is no right or wrong answer (within means). Anyway, thank you again. Jess, in regard to finger foods, I too started my son on Cheerios as his first finger foods. I also got those gerber banana puffs which literally melt in baby's mouth. Also, if we go out to eat, I break up tiny pieces of bread for him (no crust). He seems to do well with that. My plan is to just keep trying new things. Much luck to you all, and thank you again.


jess - June 19

ok...thanks......cheerios is ok with no teeth??? ok, and we have a box of the honey nut ones, but i think just plain is better eh?


olivia - June 19

No honey! Our ped said there is a risk of botulism with honey and babies. But we were also told no Cheerios until 10 months so I don't know, maybe he's conservative? We stuck to steamed veggies, bread, rice, beans, tiny pieces of chicken (all with no teeth). We later introduced sweeter stuff like bananas -- which was a good thing we waited because now all she wants is banana. But I wanted her to get a taste for the non sweets first.


jess - June 19

how do u prepare bread then??



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