Cereal In Bottle Please Help

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disneymommy79 - March 2

I was wondering when you all started putting cereal in your little ones bottle. My ds is drinking 5oz at a time and its only lasting him for 3 hours. He is almost 6 weeks old. I would like your take on this subject plz.


Emily - March 2

I never did it. Mainly cause I b___stfed. Also I tried mixing cerel with b___stmilk or formula and it was too thick. No matter how thin I made it she could get anythign out. I tired different nipples. If it were me, I would wait till he was older. At 6 weeks, he will need to get up every three hours to eat, all of them do.....


MJM - March 2

I started with the cereal in the bottle at about 6 wks. I put some cereal in a small container and then mashed it up a little bit before I added it to his bottle. The flakes are a little big and can clog and this way it didn't. You can also find a juice nipple, which helps because it is either cross cut or has bigger holes. At about 2 months I started spoon feeding it to him. My daughter slipped and told my ped when we were at an appointment, and the dr just glared at me. I went through 3 different peds and finally decided to go to a family dr. There was so many things that I didn't like about the peds. With either them telling me no cereal til 6-9 months(which she actually told me to wait until he was 9 months), telling me I need to watch his intake because he seemed to be getting a little too heavy for his height. And on and on and on. They told me the same types of things with my daughter when she was a baby. So i did use a different ped then I used with her and still went through 3 of them. I am sure you will get a lot of mixed answers. But my #1 advise is that he is your ds and you know and feel what he needs. If you feel that he needs more substance then go ahead and start.


AshleyB - March 2

I started ds at about 9wks, first I tried cereal in the bottle, then by spoon, and he did well with both, but then decided he wasn't get enough formula anymore and stopped, then just recently started putting just a 1/2 tbs of cereal in his bedtime bottle and it's been working out great. He seems happier, he's not quite as hungry all the time, and he's sleeping better. He used to wake every time hubby snored and just be very jumpy, now he's sleeping for 6-8 hrs and then gets up for a feeding then continues to sleep till 7am. It's great. I can tell he's a bit more contented now. He's 12wks now. I highy recommend getting the special nipple for thicker liquids. They are called variable flow and are crosscut and work much better, don't try to cut a bigger hole yourself, its hard to get a perfect flow and also your baby could choke easier. I would say only start your ds if he's going through way too much milk or formula. It's normal to eat every 3 hrs. Ds JUST started spacing out his feedings a bit more. They're still between 3-4hrs during the day, but the rule of thumb is 2.5oz per every pound your baby weighs is how much he should take in a 24hr. period. And even that is just an avg. every baby is different. I would wait though if he's not really going through too much though.



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