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luviduvi - February 21

Okay, hope I don't start some BIG debate here but I was wondering for those of you who put cereal in the bottle ever use the "flavored' cereal. Like the rice cereal w/ bananas or apples? Ds has cereal in bottle do to a bout of reflux (like dd). I know some are against the cereal in the bottle (as my mother is) but w/o it, ds would what we say "fahwoa up" all over the place. Since we have started the solids, (I start with cereal and a little fruit with it), I bought the cereal with bananas. DH put the banana cereal in the bottle by accident and ds ate better than he has ever! Do you think this is bad? Anyone else use this in the bah-bah? I'm not sure if this is such a good thing..........


Bonnie - February 21

How old is he? Honestly, it really depends. Starting anything too soon carries its risk of creating future allergies. As a general rule of thumb I would say it's a big no-no. However......reflux babies are often terrible eaters and reflux mom's have to deal with failure to thrive and weight loss. If your baby is on the low weight side and refuses to eat, yet will eat with the cereal, then I would say go for it. If he eats at all normally, than I wouldn't do it, even though he likes it. Basically you need to weigh out the risks. Maybe call your ped as well to discuss.


luviduvi - February 21

He's an "exception to the rule" refluxer. He was diagnosed with reflux but is a happy spitter and has never lost an ounce. I had started dd on cereal with jar fruit when she was 4 mths. She seems to be okay (she's 2) and ds is 4.5 mths. My ped says to start the cereal w/ spoon at 4 mths.


luviduvi - February 21



Bonnie - February 22

4 months is fine. 4-6 months is the recommendation. :D


Heather F - February 22

I would say follow your gut instinc - when I was preg. with my dd they said dont start solids until 6 months because of a risk of allergies then when I had her they said 4 to 6 months because if you dont start before 6 months you risk allergies, I dont think they really know to be honest so I do what I think is right and so should other moms. All babies are different, if you dd does well with the flavored cereal then give it to him!


Heather F - February 22

whats the harm in doing it?


ninaatk - February 22

Well this is my opinion.... and some may not like it... But here it goes... I am a strong believer in " Do what works for you and who cares what everyone thinks - at the end of the day your the mom and you make the decisions!" Thats my policy! On my side of the family - Lets just say every baby has had a VERY hardy appitate - With all of us formula was just not enough from an early age. ( I was unable to b___st feed - so that was our first feeding experience - the first 6 weeks where HELL - we both cried a lot and at the end of the day it just didnt work out) Then once on formala my daughter started to do well but was eating so much so often that I couldnt take it!!! It seamed like she was eating around the clock! So when she was 2 months I started adding a teaspoon of rice cereal to 8 oz of formula and boy did that help put her on a regular eating routine (thank god!!!) Now she is up to a tablespoon. It worked for us and she is now on a great schedual that works for both of us. So I say go for it!! Do what works for you and your babe!!


mcatherine - February 22

My son is just getting over the stomach flu (long, long week) and his doctor had us put cereal in his bottle to help with the diarreha since he wouldn't eat any solids really. He went almost two days without eating anything, so they told us to try the flavored cereal - we did and he drank three bottles that day. We stopped once he got his appet_te back because I didn't want him to get used to the sweeter flavor of the bottle. (Not that I can imagine it being much sweeter...) but it worked for us when we needed it to so I don't view it as a bad thing.


luviduvi - February 22

Thanks girls.......ds was at the doc today and she gave us the go ahead to give friuits and veggies. Dd was on solids at 4 mths....no allergies. We aren't an "allergy" family. Ninaatk, I have the same philosophy.


Heather F - February 22

I have the same philosophy as well.


lin7604 - February 23

so when can you just feed them flavored cereal instead of the regular rice?



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