Chairs For Infants

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Narcissus - November 3

My 8 month old is too big to hang out in his papasan but too fragile to sit on the sofa. I was thinking that a bean bag might be a comfy and safe place for him to look at books and watch his Baby Einstein DVD. Are there any hidden dangers that I am overlooking? What do you use for seating? Thanks!


momma - November 3

i love the ficher price infant to toddler rocker it also has vibrate! it comes with a bar that has toys that hang from it my daughter loves it im not sure how much it cost cuz it was a gift but i have seen it at walmart and target so it cant be too bad


Narcissus - November 3

Wow, that chair is neat. I should have gotten that to begin with. He is too big for a "bouncer" style chair at this point. Pottery Barn Kids has an Anywhere Chair but it is not very comfortable for the older infants to hang out in. I think Aja would fall forward, face down into the ground.


me - November 3

I just got my little one a soft fome chair, with a cover on it. He can crawl all over it and wont get hurt if he falls over b/c the chair is right on the floor. And if he chews on it, or spits on it, the cover can be washed. They are made for toddlers, but I think they work great for infants that are able to sit and crawl. I think I paid 20$ at Walmart for it.


me - November 3

I meant foam, not fome!


-m - November 3

I have the same type of infant to toddler rocker chair that momma does. It's great! My daughter is 3 months old and she loves sitting in it and looking at the toys that are on the bar. Or sometime I take the bar off and she just watches me around the house. She also likes the vibration.


lala - November 3

I have the same chair as momma and -m. My son loves the chair, and it's not that expensive, around $ 30 I believe, and it fit until my son is 40 pounds.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 3

I have heard people really like the Bumbo seat. For Amaya it would not really work though cause her legs are WAY too chunky! We tried it out in stores and she almost got STUCK!!! We are thinking of getting Amaya one of those little kid recliners for her for Christmas.



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