Change In Latch Whats Going On

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HannahBaby - January 24

My son is 3 months old and all of a sudden my right nipple is KILLING me. We have never ever had a latch problem and i have not changed the position or anything but i dont know what the deal is. After nursing on that side the base of my nipple is SO red and it really hurts. I think that hes starting to bite (he has not teeth obviously) but im not sure....has this ever happened to anyone?? And it is only the right side.


Rabbits07 - January 25

You may have a yeast infection of the can cause your nipple to get red and sore and it's not uncommon. It could also simply be that your ds is placing more friction in that general area while nursing. Try changing positions when nursing on that b___st and see if it helps (if he generally nurses in the cradle hold then try the football or side lying, etc.) If changing positions doesn't help and the problem persists then you may want to contact your dr. about the possibility of a yeast infection.


ssmith - January 25

YUP!! DD and I also never had any latch problems....but then, like you, the right side would get so sore. It actually blistered. OMG! I figure that one of us must have gotten a bit lazy, and the latch wasn't quite right because the left side was always fine. Then, because I didn't like to nurse on that side as much because it hurt, it ended up shrinking a bit. I guess, just be really sure that he is latched on properly, and isn't slipping off at some point during the feed.


lexy - January 25

hey, it could be that he is started to teeth and kinda gums it a bit. my first had two teeth at 12weeks and then he bit me. ow. so i quit. my little one now, would never latch on, but i swear she is starting to teeth. all the signs are already there. i guess my babies just teeth early. good luck.


renee - January 25

I also had this same problem and just went to the doctor and found out that dd has thrush and am giving her medicine for it and for me too. Since then I haven't had any problems. so I am pretty sure that is what was causing the pain. Might want to check that out.



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