Changes In Eatting Should I Be Concerned

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kellens mom - January 17

My dd used to eat like a horse. Suddenly a week ago, she stopped eatting much for solids. Her milk intake has maintained itself. She is 9 months old. Should I be worried or is this likely a stage?


HANNAHs Mom - January 17

It could just be a stage, boredom or maybe even teething. What kind of solids are you feeding her? When Hannah was 9m I introduced table & finger foods to her and from that time forward, that was all she would eat. She put her nose up to any jar or baby mush I tried to feed her.


soon2bemomof3 - January 17

actually this is very common. They will go through growth spurts and that's when they eat and eat and eat then they'll stop for awhile. she will continue to do this for quite a few years actually. my dd is 2 and does the same thing so I asked my nutritionist and that's what I was told which does make alot of sense.


Brittany - January 17

This is def. normal. They go through growth spurts and crazy eating habits. I'm still waiting for my son to stop being a picky eater haha. Maybe she is getting teeth or getting sick, sometimes thats why they stop. Her belly is little so that also could be why she was eating so much, maybe shes growing up and her belly is growing more so she doesn't have to eat as much anymore.


rl- - January 17

well my ds gets picky about his eating whenever he is cutting a tooth thru so that could be it but I also agree about the growth spurts too...I just gave a little x-tra formula when he would do this and he is fine.


kellens mom - January 17

I think it might be teeth related, but have no evidence to support this conclusion. She did get a cold about the time she stopped eating. Thanks for easing my mind. Sometimes we worry too is nice to be able to ask and get rea__surance.


Rabbits07 - January 17

They do sometimes have episodes where they refuse food for a while (I just posted on this same subject to You mentioned she started doing that when she presented with a cold, too so that could have something to do with it. Sometimes it can make them lose their appet_te or her throat may even be a little sore. So long as she is still drinking I wouldn't worry.


kellens mom - January 17

I guess I expected her appet_te to come back after the cold subsided. It has not returned. She will gladly eat cheerios! So it is not like she is on a complete hunger strike. I have been giving her finger food...which she eats. But she eats such a small amount of it (it takes her forever to gum just one bite!)


piratesmermaid - January 17

Oh look! ;) I guess I should actually go through the threads until I start another one huh? When did ya'll try finger foods? Maybe she'll take that (if she's old enough) since Kellen still likes her cherrios...


kellens mom - January 17

It seems like yesterday that she started with cheerios! Time flys. I think I gave her "o's" a couple of months after starting solids. I broke them in half until I was sure she would chew them. She loves them. I sure miss having my dog around to pick up after all those little o's. She manages to get them in her diapers (when she is fully clothed!). We are slowly introducing more finger foods.



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