Changing Baby

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Heidi L. - August 1

I am having a girl and don't have too much experience in changing babies. I just want to know in your opinions, what is best to use after the wipe, powder or cream? And any favorite brands would be helpful, thank you!


CherishCayleigh - August 1

I dont use anything on a regular basis... powder gets all gummy and I only use cream when needed, which has only been 2x for Cay and she is almost 7 months.... I use Penaten, seems to work and it does not irratate


CherishCayleigh - August 1

Oh yeah!! Enjoy your baby... when are you due, have a name yet?


E - August 1

Desitin Creamy or Balmex will prevent diaper rash. Powder is not necessary, according to our nurses.


Brittany - August 1

Avoid powder, if you do use it, keep it away from babies nose because the powder gets in the lungs and creates a hazard. I was using the powder (away from my son's face but too close to mine) and I started coughing and everything. I would use some kind of diaper rash cream but thats only if I noticed irritation. I don't think using it everyday is necessary because the babies skin needs to breathe. Good luck and congratulations.


Jbear - August 2

The disposable diapers they make now keep the urine away from the baby's skin, so diaper rash is much less likely. If you decide you need to use powder, plain cornstarch (from your pantry) is the best. Just put some into an empty, clean spice jar that has a shaker top with small holes, and you can sprinkle it over the area like baby powder, but without the possibly irritating perfume. When my daughter had a diaper rash (usually only when she had diahrrea) I used aveeno oatmeal baths and then aquaphor ointment.


KEEKEE - August 2

Wipe for front to back when changing her diaper(very important) No powders ( can cause infection and breathing problems). Change after each feeding to prevent a rash. The nurses at the hospital will explain it all to you. Congrats and Good Luck!!!!!



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