Changing Diaper In The Middle Of The Night

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Mrs.Ireland - March 18

How many times do you change your lo diaper in the middle of the night? I know my dd is wet, but I feel bad waking her up to change her. Do I change her and wake her or just leave her wet?


tish212 - March 18

I wait till alexa begins to stir with either gas or hunger and slowly move her to change her...and the whole time I shhh her b/c that helps keep her mostly asleep and then I put her back down and she most of the time goes back to sleep... gl


ginger6363 - March 18

I used to change it at least once, but that started to wake her and keep her up! My sitter recommended leaving her all night and I've recently started, but her diaper is so full in the morning, I feel terrible!


Mrs.Ireland - March 18

I know Ginger6363 that is how I feel. I feel like I am neglecting her. I could just cry when I think about it. My dd is 8 months.


Krissy25 - March 18

My dd is 7.5 months and i do not change her until morning, so it is about 12 hrs but she's not as wet as i would think she should be, but it's just that she sleeps through the night and if she does get up i leave her so she will fall back asleep. She has never had diaper rash or leaked onto her sheets so i feel it is ok.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 18

My daughter just sleeps in a onsie, so I will change her while she is sleeping and she stays asleep. She usually poops at 7:30 or 8 and gets it everywhere so I wake her up. I would rather wake her and have trouble then her get a rash and make her even more miserable. I co-sleep so I just change her on the bed, don't move her unless she got it all over, but she usually falls right back to sleep. Most nights tho she doesn't really pee until like 5 in the morning. But I change her right before bed, and then whenever I notice a full diaper, I don't always notice, but I do change her if I do.


first-timer - March 18

I haven't changed my LO in the middle of the night for months and he is only 6 months old. LOL I just slather on the cream and he has never had a problem. Now if he poops, which he will rarely do in the early morning I will change him. But it just wakes him too much!


LB - March 18

I used to wake my dd up in the middle of the night as well to change her or feed her but she would just get fussy and cry so i only do it now if she wakes up and crys. So far she has not and she is almost 12 weeks along. I change her right before bed and i put vaseline on her, so far in the past 12 weeks i have never had to deal with one diaper rash, i havn't even cracked open the sample stuff yet either. You just need to do what feels right for you, your baby will let you know if she is not comfy .


MNMOM - March 19

My son is 9 months old and gets up every night everynight to drink a bottle. I always change him first and he is soaked! If he were to sleep all night, I wouldn't wake him up to change him but since he is up already I do.


pregnantjackie - March 23

unless there are some rash issues there whats the point to wake them up to chjange them? waiot till uir little one wakes on their own. i would feel worse waking mine tthen letting him sleep w a wet diaper, and he sleeps 12 hrs/night. he has never once had diaper rash.


Kiersten - March 24

I only change ds if he messes or is very wet. (enough to wake him up) I found my wipes warmer to be a life saver for those night time changes. Because they're warm, he rarely wakes up. I do get peed on often though...:-) GL!


angeev - March 24

I am with Kiersten. My LO leaked almost everynight for the first few months so changing him a couple times in the middle of the night was a must. These past few weeks I have LOVED that my 2am feedings are only feedings then back to sleep!



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