Changing Diaper Wrestling Match

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shelly22 - January 30

Anyone else have this problem?? Evan's almost 1, but I'de say for about the last 6weeks it's almost impossible at times to change his diaper. He's rolling around, crawling, kicking, and screaming!! He'll go from the nicest baby to crazy baby as soon as I lay him down, LOL. Actually it's been going on since around when he started to crawl, now he dosen't want to lay there. As soon as the diaper change is over, he's back to happy baby! Anyone else??


Rabbits07 - January 30

Mason is like that...ever since he started crawling as well. Our changing table doesn't have straps and that stinks! I was changing him while out the other day and the table had nice sturdy straps that velcro-ed and he wasn't able to flip...he didn't even cry about it either! He tried to flip and realized he couldn't so he laid there until we were done. I would give anything to have those straps! LOL


shelly22 - January 30

I wish I still had a changing table, I haven't been able to put him on one in a while. He's to big for them. Velcro strap sounds nice, but I change him on the floor. I try not to get frustrated, but sometimes its almost impossible!


ryanslilmama - January 30

My Ryan is 13 months and does the same thing. First if he pitched a fit I would calmly put him in his playpen and walk away. Once he calmed down a bit we would try again. He got the idea really quickly! Now he has a changing table toy- something he REALLY likes but he is only allowed to hold it and play with it while he is on the changing table. Its worked out pretty well... Either way, you aren't the only one!


Lisastar9 - January 30

shelly22 try giving your son an empty toilet paper roll,or an empty tube of lipstick to play with while he has his diaper changes. Use your imagination on other things you can use for distration toys


ConnorsMommy - January 31

Yep, I have this problem with my ds too (ever since he learned how to crawl).. But I just give him my compact mirror to play with (it's become our "distraction toy") and he's an angel =)


Dawn - January 31

Gosh i have that problem with my daughter and she is only 6 months old. Everytime I change her nappy she wants to be on her tummy and i am constantly having to put her back on her back, she is getting such a little monster.


Renea - January 31

Connley is the same way--it started when he learned how to roll over completely. I just give him whatever "thing" is nearby to hold and keep his attention while I change him. That seems to do the trick most of the time.


Brandi - January 31

My Evan is the same way, his dad gets so freaked out, one time he got poo on his hand while changing because Evan was flipping around. It works best to give him something to look at for a minute, that and get really fast at changing him hehe.


eclipse - January 31

My lo is only 10 weeks, but ever since he was about 2 weeks old its been a wrestling match-he is going to be an ultimate fighting champion! LOL Putting a diaper on that boy is very entertaining, and the added bonus of him being a boy...well, you get the drift. I am worried for when he starts to flip all the way over or crawl. Let the games begin!



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