Changing Formula

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TC - November 20

What would be the best way to change formula? My son was drinking Similac Advance but he was spitting up a lot so we were thinking of changing his formula. Well, that decision was made for us bc we just started getting WIC. WIC does not do business with Similac so we are going to try him on Enfamil Lipil w/iron. Is there a special method any of you have used when changing formula for your babies?


Michelle - November 20

mix some of the old formula with the new formula... just mix it 20 new to 80 old, and gradually increase it so you use more of the newer formula. I fould that the Nestle follow-up was the best for mine. I will try to b___st feed longer with the next one. Good Luck and let me know how it goes.


Jen - November 20

I read that the ingredients in different formulas are so similar that it dosen't really matter if you switch. I have been feeding my son enfamil and I got a sample of similac so we used that this week and he was absolutly fine. I like enfamil better though so we will probably stick with that.


TC - November 20

Thanx Michelle! I never thought about doing something like that. Jen, why do you like Enfamil better than Similac?


momma - November 20

when i switched formulas my dr said not to mix the two instead alternate the formulas (acording to the dr mixing 2 types can couse gas) that way if there is a difference in taste he will get something familiar and something new not something imbetween and he might not get fussy like what happened to my cousins baby when she switched abruptly


Jbear - November 21

I switch brands now and then...WIC doesn't provide enough for my daughter each month, so the extra that I buy may be a store brand or something I've gotten a good coupon for. My daughter never seems to notice a difference. I like Enfamil Lipil the best...similac makes a lot of bubbles in the bottle, nestle good start (which I will not buy again) clumps up and clogs bottles, parent's choice (walmart) is all right


Jbear - November 21

Oh, I forgot, if your baby doesn't tolerate the formula that WIC provides, you can get your doctor to "prescribe" a different kind, and then WIC will provide that one. The pediatrician also might have samples of different formulas so you can see if one works better. My daughter was spitting up a lot so we tried Enfamil AR, but you have to make it with cold water (not tap water) or it makes clumps.


BBK ® © - November 21

TC, our pediatrician swears that Similac advance and Enfamil Lipil are identical. Oour daughter had a delayed BM when we switched but that was it. I find enfamil less foamy and easier to mix than similac. They both taste awful.


TC - November 21

Thank you guys for all of the help. I tasted both of them and agree they do taste horrible. They do, however, have the same horrible taste.


Julie - November 21

I just got a book in the mail from Carnation Good Start Supreme with DHA/ARA which is what we switched our son too and Enfamil & Carnation Good Start are the same but Similac has less DHA/ARA in it. It was a good informational brochure. I got on all the major brands sites and became a member they all sent me coupons, samples and information. My son had gas really bad on similac and is doing well on the Good Start. Good luck



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